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  1. Hye everyone, thank you so much for all your answers. Seems the problem doesn't only occur on my computer. I'll simply do copy/paste for every note, it's no big deal. I'd like to avoid this title length limitation because I'm being maniac, and I want the first line of each note to be like the title (because for some note, there's only one line in the body of the note, whereas for others it's more complex) All seems to be solved. Thanks again for your help!! Have a great day
  2. Hi Gazumped, thank you very much for your answer. I've tried it to be sure. If I write 200 characters in the note's body, when syncing the note, only the first 80 appear in the title. I don't think the problem comes from my screen: when I select the title, hit Ctrl + A to select all the characters in it, I only have 80 (I checked with https://www.charactercountonline.com/) I'm using Windows Evernote Client on Windows 10 Pro. If I manually copy the 200 characters from the body to the title, I have no error and the title is 200 character long. The problem only appears when the title is automatically taken from the note's body (which I'd like to do)
  3. Hi everyone! I use to get my note title from the first characters of the note body. I noticed there is a limit so that only the first 80 characters are kept for the title. In this topic, they tell there is a 200 characters note title limit Is there a reason for the 80 characters limitation? I have to manually copy to the title. It's a little annoying; so if there's another way to do it I'm looking for your help Have a great day. Best regards!!!
  4. For now, 0 1 2 3 doesn't have any direct use. They are just containers. For example I quickly check in 0 if all notes have a reminder. If not I have to put one
  5. Hello DTLow! I want the desired field to appear when typing a single character. For example, every "context" is preceded by the !character, where by a @ ... By doing this, they are quickly accessible with minimum action. The when is the exception with 0 1 2 3. These character are only used in timing tags so by pressing 0 I'm sure to get the right tag It's exactly what I have been doing; ! for context, @ for location, and 0 1 2 3 ... for timing
  6. Thank you very much, the calendar is not so much important now that I managed to have special reminders for J+1, J+2, J+3... I'll give it a look I just finished to setup the system, all is prepared for the week, only minor updates will be needed (if all goes well). The search for J+1 reminder is: reminderOrder:* : the note has a reminder reminderTime:day+1 : seek for all reminders dated greater than J+1 -reminderTime:day+2 : seek for all reminders dated prior to J+2 -reminderDoneTime:* : the note has no "done reminder" I've created a last search for every note that has a reminder but is not in "0-Now (this week)" (so I can quickly search for my mistakes) reminderOrder:* : with a reminder set -reminderDoneTime:* : with no "done reminder" -tag:"0-Now (this week)" : that has not the "0-Now (this week)" tag
  7. Hi DTLow, sorry for the comprehension problem. Yes my "today" tasks are prompted with reminder and the saved search The 0-This week, is only a tag that is used to browse its notes and check if all have a defined reminder. Only the notes inside this "0-This week" tag will have reminder, exception of meetings or events which dates are already known. The down-side of the system I'm trying to set is its visibility. If I want to see all the reminder on a specific day, I have to go to all note. I tried to make a search for But it didn't work What solution do you recommend for syncing your calendar (google calendar) with Evernote? Edit : found some solution to show the reminders on the next day
  8. You're right, it refers to a tag that means need to be addressed the current week. I wasn't aware if it was a requirement or a mechanism. The 0 in front of the expression is for having quick keyboard shortcut (as I hit 0 the tag is selected) I remember about your search, I'll copy it into my system as it is very efficient!!! No overdue task for me too. They're still in the daily task, undone and eventually are addressed for later or due to the next day
  9. It's the same reason here. I used Evernote for data management but also task list management What do you mean by separate requirement from the mechanism? (sorry english is not my native language)?
  10. Thanks for taking this much time for answering my questions. I begin to understand what I want my system to look like. For now I'll keep having the project as I do, I'll see if later improvements can be made Every event will have a precise reminder The actionnable items out of 0-This week won't have any reminder I think it might solve some workflow problem. Thanks to PhraseExpress, I've set keyboard shortcuts for reminder. I'll bind them to the programmable buttons of my mouse, so that with only one click I'll set the reminder
  11. Hi DTLow, thank you for your answer. For how much time do you have precise reminder for your notes? Thanks for the confirmation, so I was wondering about an hybrid system with precise reminders for the week and the week tags, it could solve some of my problem. Does this seem totally nuts? For me project refers to the domains the notes are about: work, personal life, guitar, personal development. It's not really a specific project. For example, if I need to read a guitar book, I would set 3 tags: !guitar, to read, @anywhere (if I can read it anywhere including during commuting)
  12. Hi everyone, thanks to CalS I managed to successfully set keyboard shortcuts for setting/modifying/clearing reminders. I've got some more questions. For setting reminders, I can't see farther than a week, so it would end with only setting reminders for the incoming week. If I understand, DTLow, you use the date beginning of the week after to sort these items? And then you sort them on the beginning of the next week? I was wondering about what you think about the following system: Have a tagging system like this: 0-This week, 1-Next week, 2-Week after, 3-This month... All items in 0-This week would have a reminder without exception Notes without exception would have a context: What project, what action, where to do
  13. Thank you very much, I'll first get a grip on the reminder system, then see what I can add to or modify in my system. You were a great help!!!
  14. Hi DTLow, thanks for the explanations. Your system management seems pretty nice. Where did you get the idea of the reminder use? Is there any source or book? I'd like to have an overview of your system too, if you were willing to share with us!! Big thanks again, I think reminders may change my life!!!
  15. Hi CalS. Thank you very very much, I'll give a look at it
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