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  1. OMG do I ever agree with this Tim In PA! The Spaced propaganda is thick! I'm very annoyed with it, and my users are complaining about it and forwarding me screen prints, emails, etc. asking how to make it STOP. I believe we should be informed, but ENOUGH. It seems the Evernote 'machine' is insisting that we use the Spaced Evernote version, and is relentless on pushing it. Choice, custom-ability, flexibility - these are things that need to be maintained when an app wants to serve many different types of customers across a huge range of use situations. I am an ECC, with several Evernote for Business clients. At this time, the Spaced Evernote does not serve most if any of my customers applications. That the Evernote "machine" is sending emails and causing pop-ups to all of my users is creating a ton of hand holding and explaining that is really not necessary, and frankly costing me time and money. That they are also marketing directly to the users that I have brought to Evernote, with the intention of moving them up the price/subscription levels, is undermining my efforts and stealing directly from my business within their model. The changes that have been happening since November 2017 are greatly devaluing an awesome product. I would much prefer the Evernote 'machine' spends time getting rid of bugs and problems. Please Tim In PA, hang in there. I am hopeful that enough of us being clear about this new marketing assault will make them stop so that we can get some work done with their app, rather than working at clearing the muck out of the way that prevents us from using this truly useful tool.
  2. Here's something else they failed to mention with all the hyp about Spaced Evernote for Business: Johanna (Evernote Help and Learning) Mar 15, 06:19 PDT Hi Mandy, Thank you for your response. We depreciated the Business Home, so you will only be able to access the published notebooks. The section with people and activity has been removed, because we found that most of our users did not access those section frequently. To me, and to my corporate clients, that's a pretty big thing to drop and not bother to tell anyone. I remain, FAB Mandy ECC @ Fabulous Filing Friends, Falkland British Columbia CANADA
  3. Yikes! It just keeps getting worse! I'm having similar problems with Evernote Business on Windows. I just want to roll back to the previous version, but I have not gotten a straight answer out of support about the effect that would have on my clients' data. -Fab Mandy, ECC at Fabulous Filing Friends in Falkland British Columbia CANADA
  4. Yes, it is. And it's very frustrating. If you share a notebook with someone in a Space, they get the whole Space, including the TRASH. Seriously, they can open a note in the trash, change it with your name on it as originator, and put it where ever they want to. You don't know it's even been stolen from the TRASH. Seriously, I do not want my clients using this product.
  5. I don't think you can force business clients to use the Spaced Evernote for Business, when you have sold them a much better Evernote Business with shareable notebooks both in and out of their EBA. Is that what is happening here? My clients are not interested in what they know will not work for them. They are not interested in re-training their staff to "work around" features they don't want, which won't work for their organization. Their existing Evernote Business works for them, prior to these recent changes. When they committed to and purchased Evernote Business, it did not have these encumbrances and flaws. I have requested from Charlotte Boyd, "leader" of the ECC program to provide in writing that my clients HAVE to use Evernote Business with Spaces, and they are expected to change their work flow and re-train their staff to accommodate this "update". Stay tuned - I'll let you know what she comes back with. - Fab Mandy, ECC @ Fabulous Filing Friends, Falkland British Columbia CANADA
  6. Please tell me where I would post a problem I'm having with pdfs being dropped from notes.  This is happening in Evernote Business, in Web, Window, IOS, and Android platforms.  I don't seem to be getting a response from Evernote Support, and I now have three users in my client's EBA that can not work - their EBA accounts have no attachments, and that's what they work with - the attached pdfs. 


    1. DTLow



      For something that serious, I'd recommend contacting Evernote support

    2. Fabulous Filing Friends
    3. Fabulous Filing Friends

      Fabulous Filing Friends

      Did.  They find it "interesting".  Apparently it is a KNOWN PROBLEM  that the Evernote Windows "Client" has been dropping attachments.  Seems I'm at the very worst end of the continuum with several EBAs (six), each with many notebooks (+200) and crazy many notes (one upto 15,000 and growing daily), almost all of which have attached pdfs.  I don't think Evernote Business is meant to handle the volume of users etc that I am overseeing.  It's more an app to colourfully chat  in different fonts between teams of less than 10 users on four or so subjects. 

      While I wait for them to figure out how to handle the size of the resulting attachment file, I'll be researching something that can deal with this volume.  Unfortunately my client (as in customer, company paying for my time) had expected Evernote to be a business solution for electronic records management.  They've had to pay me for three full days this week while I chat with Evernote and troubleshoot Evernote's product. 

      Thus the hypnotic spinning sync wheel...

  7. Thanks, I'll give this a try next time I'm just sitting here watching the wheel spin.
  8. I'm so tired of sitting at my desk watching the Evernote sync wheel spin. I have THREE computers set up now, so I can do other things while waiting. Since 2010 I have been asking for an audible sound when the sync is done. Please, this is wasting so much of my time and as an Evernote Certified Consultant I just can not justify billing my clients for this time. I can't afford to do it for free, and Evernote so far has not offered to pay me for my time logged waiting for the sync to happen. I work on large numbers of notes, doing group tagging and moving from notebook to notebook, then sharing these notebooks between different EBA's. I have learned that I MUST sync after tagging BEFORE moving, or the tags don't 'stick'. Notebook name changes are the same. Change the name, sync. Share the notebook. Sync. Receive a shared notebook, sync. Evernote doesn't let me do anything while it's syncing so I have to sit and wait and wait and wait. Is anyone else having this problem? Any time I've brought it up with Evernote Support (miss ya Terry O!) they say they are working on making the sync happen faster. Or in the background. Or anything BUT adding a ding! when the sync is done.
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