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  1. OMG do I ever agree with this Tim In PA! The Spaced propaganda is thick! I'm very annoyed with it, and my users are complaining about it and forwarding me screen prints, emails, etc. asking how to make it STOP. I believe we should be informed, but ENOUGH. It seems the Evernote 'machine' is insisting that we use the Spaced Evernote version, and is relentless on pushing it. Choice, custom-ability, flexibility - these are things that need to be maintained when an app wants to serve many different types of customers across a huge range of use situations. I am an ECC, with several Evernote for Business clients. At this time, the Spaced Evernote does not serve most if any of my customers applications. That the Evernote "machine" is sending emails and causing pop-ups to all of my users is creating a ton of hand holding and explaining that is really not necessary, and frankly costing me time and money. That they are also marketing directly to the users that I have brought to Evernote, with the intention of moving them up the price/subscription levels, is undermining my efforts and stealing directly from my business within their model. The changes that have been happening since November 2017 are greatly devaluing an awesome product. I would much prefer the Evernote 'machine' spends time getting rid of bugs and problems. Please Tim In PA, hang in there. I am hopeful that enough of us being clear about this new marketing assault will make them stop so that we can get some work done with their app, rather than working at clearing the muck out of the way that prevents us from using this truly useful tool.
  2. And another thing they didn't mention when forcing Spaced Evernote for Business down our throats: The Company directory and published notebooks thing - all the fan fare and pomp when it arrived - well, no one mentioned AT ALL that they were taking that away, or DEPRECIATING the Evernote Business Home. See below: Johanna (Evernote Help and Learning) Mar 15, 06:19 PDT Hi Mandy, Thank you for your response. We depreciated the Business Home, so you will only be able to access the published notebooks. The section with people and activity has been removed, because we found that most of our users did not access those section frequently. Hello? I sure didn't get the memo when Evernote Business asked before THIS depreciation. Now my client has to figure out how much they are willing to pay to have all that lost information re-entered, and in what application. Even if we had known before they trashed this very important tool we could have copied it into something else. Now it's just POOF! gone. What if they just DECIDE to give all users view, edit and invite rights, and tell us after they have changed it? How will this affect your business use of Evernote? -Fab Mandy, Fabulous Filing Friends, Falkland British Columbia CANADA
  3. Here's something else they failed to mention with all the hyp about Spaced Evernote for Business: Johanna (Evernote Help and Learning) Mar 15, 06:19 PDT Hi Mandy, Thank you for your response. We depreciated the Business Home, so you will only be able to access the published notebooks. The section with people and activity has been removed, because we found that most of our users did not access those section frequently. To me, and to my corporate clients, that's a pretty big thing to drop and not bother to tell anyone. I remain, FAB Mandy ECC @ Fabulous Filing Friends, Falkland British Columbia CANADA
  4. Yikes! It just keeps getting worse! I'm having similar problems with Evernote Business on Windows. I just want to roll back to the previous version, but I have not gotten a straight answer out of support about the effect that would have on my clients' data. -Fab Mandy, ECC at Fabulous Filing Friends in Falkland British Columbia CANADA
  5. Yes, it is. And it's very frustrating. If you share a notebook with someone in a Space, they get the whole Space, including the TRASH. Seriously, they can open a note in the trash, change it with your name on it as originator, and put it where ever they want to. You don't know it's even been stolen from the TRASH. Seriously, I do not want my clients using this product.
  6. NO! Don't "remind" customers that the product they are paying for is actually going to do what it's supposed to be doing. Perhaps Evernote Business users that DONT GET IT that the notes they put in shared notebooks will in fact be shared should not have notebooks shared with them. Or scissors for that matter. Is that what's next? Warning labels on scissors that things placed between the blades may in fact be cut? Really?? I'm really curious to know what market sector Evernote is aiming to please with this latest SPACED Evernote for Business. - Fab Mandy, ECC @ Fabulous Filing Friends, Falkland, British Columbia CANADA
  7. I don't think you can force business clients to use the Spaced Evernote for Business, when you have sold them a much better Evernote Business with shareable notebooks both in and out of their EBA. Is that what is happening here? My clients are not interested in what they know will not work for them. They are not interested in re-training their staff to "work around" features they don't want, which won't work for their organization. Their existing Evernote Business works for them, prior to these recent changes. When they committed to and purchased Evernote Business, it did not have these encumbrances and flaws. I have requested from Charlotte Boyd, "leader" of the ECC program to provide in writing that my clients HAVE to use Evernote Business with Spaces, and they are expected to change their work flow and re-train their staff to accommodate this "update". Stay tuned - I'll let you know what she comes back with. - Fab Mandy, ECC @ Fabulous Filing Friends, Falkland British Columbia CANADA
  8. Again, the wisdom of the Evernote development crew has me wondering. Here's the reply to my support request on this issue: See all Evernote Corporation notebooks? Not really a good clue, but then, they call their apps "clients" and don't listen to paying customers when making changes. I'm getting tired of how much time Evernote the app is taking from my productivity. Sorry, I guess I mention that A LOT, -Fab Mandy, Fabulous Filing Friends, Falkland British Columbia CANADA
  9. It gets worse, unfortunately. Evernote developers believe this is an enhancement, to help us with SPACES. See following reply from Evernote Support. Interestingly, this one doesn't disclose name....
  10. Hey, any movement on this? This Spaced Evernote is so much not an improvement. This is what they sent me, from Evernote Support - I'm so embarrassed to tell this to my client: Thank you for contacting Evernote Support. I'm Ben, and I will be helping you. [hilarious! What do they feed these kids?] This pop-up is a warning message to be sure the content that is going to be shared is shared with the right persons inside your business account. There is no option today to disable this feature, but I'll be happy to talk with our product team about it. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do for you. Evernote Support Okay, Get up off the floor. Stop laughing. Poor Ben has no idea how inane this sounds. Poor Ben was told this by the folks in the Evernote Team, and seeing as Ben doesn't have to do anything with his day other than work for Evernote, he doesn't even have a clue how much this stops people who DONT work for Evernote, from getting anything done, other than learning the new Evernote. Look at all the options I have to affect the post here on their forum. But no choice to shut off the warning that the note I'm putting into a shared notebook is actually going to be shared with the same people that the notebook is shared with. Yikes. I'd put in a Yikes emoticon, but they aren't working right now. I know, get back off the floor and stop laughing. I've got work to do. Fab Mandy Watson. ECC at Fabulous Filing Friends Falkland British Columbia, Canada
  11. Go back! It's a trap! You are so much better off to not have the Spaced Evernote. It's like finding out that your Windows 10 didn't load. WIN! We are having so many problems with the Spaced version. Hold back and wait until it's fixed or dumped.
  12. I agree! It is vital that our consultants, contractors, associates and accountants, who belong to their own Evernote Business Accounts (and therefore can not belong to another EBA) have access to specific notes and or notebooks. We have divided one clients' EBA into three, as it better reflects the dynamics of their group, but if you can't belong to more than one EBA, they need to be able to share notes and notebooks across the three EBAs. This SPACED Evernote was not thought through.
  13. I have a problem with my client's Evernote Business account, and I'm very afraid it's systemic. There appears to be no way to access the company's directory of members and shared notebooks in the latest version of EB, even without the beta on. This is disastrous. They had a very organised system that relied on the Company Directory, and being able to join and un join notebooks that had been published. Could you please let me know if this is a glitch or a permanent change? Is this a way to force Evernote Business customers to use Spaces? I had really hoped to be out doing workshops and getting new Evernote clients, but this latest shake up at Evernote Business with the whole Spaces thing is costing me a lot. Since December the un-billable hours are piling up horribly. Most of it is in support I have to give to clients that have been using Evernote for coming up to 8 years, and were happy with it. Before I spend much time figuring out what they can use instead of Spaced Evernote, is there any way to go back a version? The whole Spaces thing does not work for their situation. There are three tiers of access required for each of 12 companies. General staff have access to the general level of information, for the company or companies they work for. Managers need first and second level info about each of the companies they work with, and sometimes access to historic notes, but they don't always need on demand access to those notebooks. The corporate principals need to see completely different information, across all companies. The whole reason that Evernote is better than a folder hierarchy such as Dropbox is that users can have varying levels of access to each shared notebook individually, then stack them as they work for them. This is not possible with Spaces. OH! And what's up with the the idiot message that warns you, each time you put a note in a shared notebook, that the people you are sharing the notebook with will be able to see your note .... Well, as my client (who is NOT an information technologist or a software designer) said, "Isn't that the whole point of shared notebooks? This Evernote is getting to be more work than it's worth." This whole Spaces thing has been thought through somewhat the same way as NEW COKE. Evernote had a good thing for user friendly business electronic data sharing. Now it's pretty, but not very useful. The folks that could do something about it have too many layers of creative type and outside apps between them and the customer. Thanks for listening, -Mandy Watson, ECC at Fabulous Filing Friends Falkland, British Columbia, Canada
  14. This is not an improvement, what you have done to the forums. I don't like that they sneak around in my computer rather than let me sign in. Even signing out of all Evernote accounts, restarting my computer it still picked up the client account I had been signed into and forced me to create a new Evernote forum account. Once I did, there was no way at all to change the email address, so if anyone comments on my post, MY CLIENT will be getting the notifications. Thanks Evernote, for helping me come across as professional, not. I had to sign out of all four of the EBA's I was working on, go to the Evernote WEB access, sign in as my business on EBA WEB, then in a different tab go to Evernote Forums and surprise surprise, it knew who I was. So here I am, and my previous post hasn't even shown up yet. I have to scroll to the bottom of the forum to find what's NEW. I'm going to go check my blood sugars, because Evernote has really really frustrated me today. What a waste of three hours - and all I was triying to do was get help with a problem the SPACED Evernote Business has caused me. I'm not sure what you are smoking down there, but Evernote is really getting worse, not better with all these side - apps and enhancements that don't make any sense.
  15. Thanks - I'm looking for a work around, while waiting for support to get back to me. They must be very busy with all of what's wrong with this version.
  16. How far back do I need to go to rid my client and their 12 users of this problem with dropping pdfs?
  17. Please tell me where I would post a problem I'm having with pdfs being dropped from notes.  This is happening in Evernote Business, in Web, Window, IOS, and Android platforms.  I don't seem to be getting a response from Evernote Support, and I now have three users in my client's EBA that can not work - their EBA accounts have no attachments, and that's what they work with - the attached pdfs. 


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      For something that serious, I'd recommend contacting Evernote support

    2. Fabulous Filing Friends
    3. Fabulous Filing Friends

      Fabulous Filing Friends

      Did.  They find it "interesting".  Apparently it is a KNOWN PROBLEM  that the Evernote Windows "Client" has been dropping attachments.  Seems I'm at the very worst end of the continuum with several EBAs (six), each with many notebooks (+200) and crazy many notes (one upto 15,000 and growing daily), almost all of which have attached pdfs.  I don't think Evernote Business is meant to handle the volume of users etc that I am overseeing.  It's more an app to colourfully chat  in different fonts between teams of less than 10 users on four or so subjects. 

      While I wait for them to figure out how to handle the size of the resulting attachment file, I'll be researching something that can deal with this volume.  Unfortunately my client (as in customer, company paying for my time) had expected Evernote to be a business solution for electronic records management.  They've had to pay me for three full days this week while I chat with Evernote and troubleshoot Evernote's product. 

      Thus the hypnotic spinning sync wheel...

  18. Is it possible to go back a couple of versions? This most recent version, even without using the beta Space thing, is a real bear. I'm having problems with attached pdfs not being there. I get an "o" in the sync column for each of the notes that have lost their attachment. It is incredibly time consuming - opening each note gets the attachment back. [ctrl]help\fix notes does it too, but again, it's stupid slow. I don't have time to debug this version of Evernote, and my clients are getting really tired of working for Evernote rather than getting their business work done. We are all spending way too much time trying to work in Evernote. It is no longer a helpful time saving tool. There's talk of going back to paper and fax machines.....
  19. Done. My tickie numba is Ticket# 2409619 - ECC - client with MAC wants to stop pop up windows when adding a new note to shared notebook Submitted 2018 02 26 08:08 PST Crazy that I have so many choices of font size and type in an internal blog/forum, but I can't share a note in a shared notebook without getting warned. What if your virus protection software found a problem, then asked you if it was worth blocking, or just add it to your accepted websites list..... This is not a cute application - it's an organization tool - particularly the Evernote Business application. It could be THE way we release ourselves from paper and disorganization, on a corporate level. I feel there is too much time spent on templates and cuteness, and the problems aren't getting solved. Again, my solution is to have the Evernote employees using Evernote - no more apps and no more new colourful templates.
  20. Crazy! The whole point of Evernote Business is to share notes in shared notebooks! Seriously? Has anything been done about this? Or are we all out here, telling each other what Evernote staff doesn't know, because they don't actually use Evernote? Very frustrating indeed to tell our Corporate President, "oh yeah - other users on the forum have noticed this too, but I can't reach anyone who works for Evernote". Sad. Thanks "gazumped" for finding this for me. Now I know he's not doing anything wrong, it's just Evernote not thinking things thru. The clue is "shared notebook". Duh.
  21. Hey y'all - I'm an ECC but I'm not a Mac user. My client, however is. He reports that within the past few days, there is a pop up window that appears when ever he creates a new note in a shared notebook. The pop up window/error message reads: Change access You are moving a note into "[notebook name]". People this notebook is shared with will gain access to the note. options are [cancel] or [move] Sorry but isn't the whole point of shared notebooks to share notes with people you have shared the notebook with? What am I not getting here, please? Is there a notebook setting or a new note setting that is possibly wrong? Thank you for any help you can provide. He's not a happy camper. GNI Chris - change access pop up - Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at 5.14.23 PM.pdf
  22. Start with the two notes, the first will preferably be a summary sheet or information/things you want each project to have. The second will be a blank note. Create a table of contents note. Rename the table of contents note to the name of the project. Copy the internal link for the ToC note to each of the first two notes. Duplicate the second note and fill it in with what ever - first set of drawings? - Quote? Customer's request? Copy the internal link for that page onto the ToC note. Repeat steps 4 and 5 to add all the info for the project, with the ToC note the summary, and each project note has the link to the ToC. I think you get the idea. It will take a bit of practise, and messing around until you get your packages right, but once you have a flow it will be so easy to track projects!
  23. So Evernote employees don't use Evernote. They use something called Growsumo. Only one person (Charlotte Boyd) monitors it and that is the only way we ECC's have of getting support regarding EBA referral support. I've spent most of today trying to get ahold of Charlotte, from emails, to Growsumo posts, to Facebook ECC group - I'm frustrated that there is no one available - and the EBA prices change tomorrow. Coincidence?
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