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  1. With many developers moving to agile with CI/CD approaches, you can expect with all parties to have their new versions released in more frequent pace. This is what I call progress. If you compare this to many complaints I noticed in the past about the low frequency on updates, I believe the Evernote team deserves to be praised for this. If the level of upgrades is too high (which is understandable because not everyone can simply install the latest version from the site or run in the app), then be advised that you do NOT have to always install the update. I noticed that the in-app update does not pass by too often, but I could be wrong ( I install the latest versions from the download page), but you can skip if needed. So not to worry.
  2. I do not believe copy/paste of tags is possible. But you may want to try to select both notes (the one WITH these tags and the one you wish the tags to be applied to) and then select the Edit Tag (Alt CTRL T for windows) option. Depending on the amount of tags, you can filter through the tag list and then find that the notes have been "partially tagged" (indicated a "-" before the checkbox of the particular tag(s). If you click on the "-" it changes into a checkmark (✅) indicating that all selected notes now have this tag. With this you can select more than 2 notes to apply the tags accordingly. Alternatives is to drag and drop from the tag view, or manually assign the tags to the note of course. In the old days this Edit tag feature also included the preview of all tags selected to one of the selected notes, and you could then apply all tags directly to all selected notes. This a feature I miss a bit but hopefully this suggestion meets your requirements. Good luck!
  3. Just seen the UI coming to my desktop version (Windows) myself. Looks nice. Was hoping for a bit more to be honest, but no big issue. The changes appear nice to me. Have sent some feedback to the Evernote team via the feedback email address. One flaw I noticed is that with tables set to Note Width and view set to Optimize for Readability the right side of the last column, including the arrow to change the table settings, fall out of view for a bit. Nothing huge.
  4. Have you also investigated Noteshelf? This provides an option to integrate into Evernote. It works better than Penultimate so might be something to look into? personally this combination has some conflicts with my personal workflows and preferences so I currently use Nebo and export handwritten notes to a pdf inside Evernote. It recognizes the handwriting really well (especially as my handwriting is really bad 😉) (Nebo might also be one to check out as alternative) good luck
  5. Don’t blame Evernote on this one. Microsoft officially closed their support on windows 7 since January 14, 2020 which is over 3,5 years ago. Although it is not great for people owning older computer and/or have no option to upgrade their operating system, is is impossible for application developers such as Evernote (but many more!) to keep their platform supported on platforms that are no longer supported by the vendors and maintaining the application innovative on newer versions of the operating systems. I believe Evernote have done a great job keeping it running for so long. I’m afraid you will need to check for ways to upgrade your OS or see to buy a newer system.
  6. I had the same! My native language and therefore most notes are Dutch. But working in IT many words are in English. When using Ai clean up some notes partially switched from NL to English. Was a good translation though 🤣.
  7. RTE works like a charm! Thank you for including this much desired capability into Evernote. one thing I noticed when including images. When inserting images from the client on my iPhone I immediately see the attempt to add it to the client in my iPad and vice versa. However the “passive” client (the one which get the image synced from the cloud) keeps showing a blue icon expressing it is loading the image. When I quickly open another note on the passive client and immediately revert back to the note with the image, the image appears. So it might already add it to the note, but just not able to show it immediately. not a big issue. thanks!
  8. If I get your question correctly you might want to look into Filterize. Not sure on their current status as they were close to stop 1-2 years ago. Filterize offers automation for Evernote. I have used it for some time (but stopped because I did it need that much automation at the time) and i know it allows you to create customized table of content notes which can be shown in an existing note. The note is based on a custom query or a search query which could be the query of te tags you need it to link to. When entering then “keyword” inside the nodes you need the link in, Filterize can scan that note every time evernote syncs and then update if the results from the query change (e.g. if more notes get the tag you want to refer to). might not be the most optimal option but i guess it might work. Check out Filterize here https://filterize.net/ Not free of charge though. good luck
  9. I believe the alternative is to use the undo button (ctrl + z) immediately after the website is typed and the link created. I believe it removes the link immediately but does not remove the text (yet). Not 100% sure but I just tried it in a mobile device and that works. This also should work when pasting a website into Evernote, but for that I usually paste in plain text (ctrl + shift +v in windows). This is something I use frequently because I work on windows 10 on my work laptop and it uses Microsoft Edge. When pasting a website there it automatically creates a a link but uses the website header as text. Hope this helps.
  10. I use the long version also as the place where i put it, lies in a form I sometimes export for others to see. Then the long date appears nice but I get the request to make it short. As I use Textexpander I already found a workaround which also works in titles. 👍🏻 good luck in getting the request handled. I hope the developers will look into it
  11. It seems you question I already answered but your example resonates here as I have struggled with the organization of sports and workouts. Being a PT and allowing me to be my own Guinea Pig I was also looking for more ways to organize my workouts etc. You could just be an example but it can be applied to many others. imanige you DID have a sub folder system here, how many notes would you have per sub folder? Probably 7 for each day on diet and 3-7 for orkouts right? (Depends how much of a gym shark you are😉 ). Consider the amount of time spending to keep that organization in plane AND to find it bak again. the power of Evernote lies in its ability to search and find your information back again. The answer for me was just a better way to title my notes. That way only a folder for workouts and one for diet would be enough. by applying the tagging structure as suggested before you could generate filters later on an quickly identify what you ate when or you often you did cardio per week for example. Evernote allows 1000s ways to organize your personal information so go around and play to see what works best for you. The tips from the members before before definitely help a lot. Good luck and have fun!
  12. Thanks for the message. However, working at a tech company myself, I understand that, regardless of the continuous struggle to maintain systems up to date, it is impossible for any application developer/service provider to maintain focus on supporting a platform when the underlying infrastructure (e.g. hardware, OS, etc.) is no longer supported by the vendors. Windows 7 support ended 2.5 years ago: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/windows-7-support-ended-on-january-14-2020-b75d4580-2cc7-895a-2c9c-1466d9a53962 So please try to upgrade the OS; that is the only recommendation I can give you. (or use web)
  13. Same! I bumped up my notes as project notes, letting the reminders of the note to be the project deadline. The tasks inside that note Will act as the actual tasks. I used to have a dedicated todo app (Todoist) but am trying to consolidate the actions to a single app as all my project resource materials live in Evernote. let’s see how this develops 👍🏻
  14. No filtering by note tags yet, but if you have a smart naming convention you would be able to filter that way. I recently played around with consolidation my project related tasks to project notes an assuming those notes with an emoji in the title (🔵 for all work related projects and 🟢 for all personal projects as an example). That does work. Perhaps that inspires to work around the tags absence for now 👍🏻
  15. Hey Scott not sure if this helps: but I recently started to work with Nebo.app by MyScript. This is the OCR engine behind many other handwriting apps. Nebo is available in both iOS, Windows and Android. Although not really integrated if allows me to easily write notes and convert to text before or during export to Evernote. That way I can write my notes when I am In meeting during which I do not want a huge laptop in my face or by quickly jotting down a graph. My handwriting is terrible but the software gets it. Makes it easy to export to Evernote and make is searchable. (Evernote would recognize my handwriting as well but this has a better appeal). might want to give it a try if you are looking to take some drawings, sketches or handwritten notes prior to storing them in Evernote 👍🏻 Good luck
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