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How to download latest pre-legacy version (with green icon)

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Does anyone know how to download latest possible PRE-legacy version? The version with normal green icon, not with ugly gray one? Earlier than

@Nick L. ?  @DTLow?  @Shane D.? Can you at last be of assistance in this matter? It should take 20 seconds of your precious time... We are well aware that you are not interested (gently speaking) in users' problems. What is especially surprising - even those problems that result from Evernote's critical errors.  We are waiting two months now!

Just please give us link to the normal version. 

BTW this is (probably) latest normal version for macOS: http://cdn1.evernote.com/mac-smd/public/Evernote_RELEASE_7.14_458244.zip 

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great stuff. Thanks for sharing this link!!


It's shocking how evernote disappoints the users by taking away things they are used to for years, instead of offering options. The one and only good thing is that there are now major issues switching back to an older version ... but the entire thing (making things worse) is kinda sick and disappointing ... it is almost a great example for "how to NOT make things..." :-/


- sorry for my subjective negative attitude - 

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I've been a paid Evernote user for probably a decade and use it every day. Well, I used to. Now, since the new version--which is so very foreign from the older version--I find myself avoiding using it. I have downloaded the Legacy version to use until I can find something--another software-- that is somewhat similar to the older Evernote. I really loved it, and I am so sad it has gone away. I know I will be hard pressed to find a software almost as good as EN used to be but I also can't avoid my own productivity while avoiding using EN. I'm a novelist and EN was a godsend for that and I bragged to all my writer friends about it--some even came on board the EN bus. Now, they, like me, are all looking for a new bus line. Sad.

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