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  1. Ellen G's post in Evernote iOS hangs trying to save PDF was marked as the answer   
    Hi @eafpres! 
    Since you're viewing a PDF in the mobile browser, try tapping "Open In..." from the bottom of the screen, then select Evernote. If you don't see "Open In..." tap the PDF and it should appear again for you. You will see the same Evernote dialog to add tags/choose a notebook. 
    Let me know if you have any trouble using these steps.
  2. Ellen G's post in Tables squeezed/narrow on iOS was marked as the answer   
    Hi All, 
    I just wanted to jump in and let you know our devs identified that a few edge cases were still not resolved with the 8.2.1 update. They're working to get that corrected. So in the meantime, try to stick to editing affected notes elsewhere if you need to make changes. This will be resolved in an update, so as long as you keep your app updated, as soon as the fix is released, you will have it. 
    If you did make some edits on iOS and lost the formatting in the tables on other platforms, use 'Note History' to restore the prior format. 
    Thanks for calling attention to this!
  3. Ellen G's post in No "Sign In" Link in Chrome on iPad was marked as the answer   
    Hey all !
    Currently, Evernote web is not optimized for use on mobile browsers. It'd be great to get an updated pulse on how this has impacted everyone and see where we're at in regards to demand. Head over to our iOS Product Feedback page to submit the request. 
  4. Ellen G's post in New note permanently deleted by new iOS app was marked as the answer   
    We’re looking into reports of deleted notes not going to the trash, and we have already submitted a fix for this to Apple. For current cases, in order to confirm that this is the same issue, we need to get you into a support ticket with activity logs.
    If you're running into this issue, please open a support ticket from your device and include an activity log:
    Account > Support > Submit a Support Request (Ensure 'Include activity log' is toggled on)

    If you're having trouble opening a ticket, post here to let me know.
     @JLLee @mershguy @caemca @Moka I'm going to be creating a support ticket for each of you to further look into what you've experienced. Please be on the lookout for an email from me.
  5. Ellen G's post in iOS app version 8.0 crashes on launch was marked as the answer   
    Hi everyone, 
    Our development team has been made aware of this crash issue. Thanks for taking the time to swing by and report it. 
    If rebooting your device does not resolve the issue, a reinstall will. 
    To reinstall Evernote for iOS follow these steps:
    1. From the home screen, tap and hold the Evernote icon until it starts to jiggle
    2. Tap X, then Delete
    3. Restart your iOS device
    4. Download Evernote from the App Store
    If this does not resolve the issue, please let us know by posting here!
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