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  1. Sorry my ignorance, but how do I do that? And thanks again for taking time trying to help me. 👊🏼
  2. Hi PinkElephant. The long press was my first try before coming to the forum. I thought it was going to work also. 😔 The split screen thing I can't do on my iPhone. It's great to know if works on iPad, but I didn't made it clear on the first post that I mean iOS on iPhone. Hope anyone can help. And thanks for replying.
  3. Hi guys. Is like to know if there's a way to save a MP4 or mov from an Evernote note on iOS to the iPhone library. My only option is to watch the videos from the note, can't find any other action that I can usually do with the share feature on iOS (like save, share on other app, etc). Thanks in advance.
  4. Hello. I'm having issues with some notes attachments on iOS. When I attach some file from my Mac App into a note, when I try to open the PDF or mov attachment into the same note on iOS, it doesn't load. Here's a print for my iOS note with this clip image into the attachments. It only happens when I attach using the attach button. When I send a note but email to Evernote, the iOS note opens smoothly. Anyone has any hint on this? Thanks in advance.
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