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  1. I don't have such problem with any other app, but Evernote. It started immediately after I've update to version 10 - thankfully there's the legacy version, otherwise it'd be impossible to work. The new version is just horrible. It fails to show my noes if I'm offline, it's laggy, slow... The iOS version I even uninstalled, it's so slow I gave up.
  2. Ok, so...? I cannot edit eny excel sheet or word documento using evernote because AVG closes it. It's been a month and no solution. This new version is the worst I've ever seen!
  3. Been having the same issues fo over 3-4 different versions, did everything I could, even asked for help from support and nothing.
  4. That's it, I'm almost giving up on Evernote. Been using for ages, my whole life is there, but I just can't stand the crashes and freezings anymore. Every ***** day I have to deal with at least a couple of crashes that force me to kill the Windows app and it freezes so many times that's impossible to count. If I save a word document, if I attach absolutely anything to a note, if I do any search, etc... Is it so hard to make it work without freezing all the damn time?
  5. Yeap, I never use beta versions. I also don't use the web version, all my issies are in the desktop version.
  6. I've re-installed, cleaned everything and downloaded all data from the server. It helped. I'm still getting some error messages like before, but the app freezes, though it doesn't crash. It is crashig when I use the search option (ctrl+f). Not the first time, but if I type it again my Evernote freezes and I have to force it to close an ope again. IT also happens when I'm editting a .docx and I save it, my Evernote completely freezes and a few times it crashes.
  7. I've reinstalled my Evernote, cleaned every bit of info of my note, installed it, downloaded all my notes (25gb) and started working... Until the next boot. Now I'm getting the same error message 18:35:49 [ERROR ] [17416] [13408] Unable to load note: uid=44940
  8. The real issue is not the geocoding error, but the failure to load notes. I click on the note and it won't open, won't load at all. And when I try to delete notes Evernote simply freezes.
  9. I'm getting a couple of errors while trying to load my notes. They won't load and then Evernote freezes and I have to use the task manager to close it. 18:35:13 [INFO ] [17416] [3880] Client synchronization finished, status: complete 18:35:13 [INFO ] [17416] [3880] * elapsed time: 1s 18:35:49 [ERROR ] [17416] [1688] Geocoding: unexpected status: "REQUEST_DENIED" 18:35:49 [ERROR ] [17416] [13408] Unable to load note: uid=164362 18:35:49 [INFO ] [13028] [18300] Starting EvernoteSubprocess.exe 18:35:49 [ERROR ] [17416] [1688] Geocoding: unexpected status: "REQUEST_DENIED"
  10. The idea of a table of contents is not the best, but it might work... And yes, I was talking about notebooks. I have a public notebook, and I wanted to be able to embed the notebook on my website. But I guess I'll have to just embed the table of contents (as soon as I find the code to i-frame it.
  11. Hey guys, Is there a way to embed my public folder on Wordpress? I found a way to display my medium posts on WP and now I only need to display my public folder and I'm good to launch my website...
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