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  1. I just retested this version. 1. Reliability seems to have improved. 2. Apple Pencil support has improved from absolutely useless, to marginally useful. 3. The addition of Table support is enormously useful. 4. Scanning has improved. 5. PDF annotation still lacks zoom capability, but Pencil support is at least somewhat better. 6. Inexplicably for a note taking app, there is still no shortcut that allows resorting of outlines, bullets or numbered lists. I am still trying to figure out who the target audience is. For those of us who used Evernote as a
  2. @jabaronThere isn't a great "all in one" solution to your problem. That was the beauty of Evernote in its legacy form. Unfortunately, the new iOS version is unreliable and who knows how long the "legacy" version of the desktop will last. I am exclusively a Mac and iOS user. I tried Devonthink. Its Mac experience was great, but the iOS experience was far less stellar. Right now I am using " Keep It." It stores your materials in their native format in your iCloud Drive, does OCR, has a decent tagging scheme, and a very good iOS app. The program is really an overlay onto iCloud Driv
  3. It is unlikely that the local drive support can return. The "new" Evernote is for all intents and purposes a "web app". Even if it were able to access your local drive, the "Evernote" part is in the cloud-- and thus you are no more secure on the local drive as you would be having your data on Evernote's servers. My main concern is what happens when the next MacOS update comes along-- is Evernote actually going to support it? Then what, stay on an old OS? Because of the web/server interaction needed to make v10 work, there are probably also some serious limitations on how fast Everno
  4. I keep checking in to see if Evernote is actually getting better. Unfortunately, every time I test if still fails. I‘m in the Apple Ecosystem, and I‘ve found that Keep It works extremely well, with reliable tagging, OCR and search, and a decent notes capability. I also discovered that Google Drive does a very good job of OCR and search. Good luck in your quest @normv8 , so far Evernote isn‘t it— and unfortunately unless Evernote changes course and builds native apps, it is never going to be the fast and reliable Evernote of yore. The Legacy version on the desktop continues to outperform
  5. Despite its speed and great integration with iOS and Apple Pencil, the comments above regarding the lack of key features in Apple Notes were spot on. (See @stocky2605). So, my quest continued, since Evernote for iOS doesn't seem to be getting better and with the shift to non-native code, it may not be able to. For those tied to the MacOS/iOS ecosystem, there may be a better solution that incorporates multi-level folders, advanced tagging, OCR of all stored documents (including handwriting, photos, and text), the ability to store items like Word and Pages files in their native format.
  6. You might also check out Craft Notes. Although it lacks tags, the iOS interface is amazing, it has far superior Apple Pencil support and they just rolled out Toggle Outlines. I have found the platform to be extremely stable and the notes are, well, beautiful. Still, none of these options replace the storage capability of Evernote... provided of course that your note is actually stored. Maybe Devonthink and a tag system in iCloud, or search in Google Drive are the only alternatives. Ugh....
  7. I've tried Apple Notes (and more recently Craft), because of Evernote's issues since October. Depending on your use case, Apple notes does a have a lot of features that the current version of Evernote doesn't do very well. With Apple Notes you get: A much faster experience on all platforms Faster and more reliable document scanning A much better iOS experience: "Instant" note taking on the iPad Inline viewing of PDF attachments Vastly superior document annotation Ability to reorder lists with drag and drop (in the case of tasks
  8. 1. I already paid. I don’t see EN offering customers their money back. 2. This post was about iOS. @ArjenC is correct, the iOS application still loses data. I’ve experienced it on multiple occasions. Until this “update” you couldn’t see many of your saved .pdfs. Or, try to scan a multi-page document, a feat that Evernote used to be the best at— the scanner just starts taking photos of your documents, the walls.... One solution: use Scanner Pro or some other scanner— but EN no longer reliably accepts data from 3rd party apps.... 3. It is interesting that you are defending Everno
  9. Thanks. It is good to see that some of the defects in the “updated” software are being remedied. However, many remain. For example: If a pdf has a non-standard page length it will not open for editing. If you click on more than one tool annotation locks up completely. You still cannot zoom a pdf. The sketch feature now works, sort of. The inking quality is worse than Penultimate prior to the Apple Pencil. The inking tools are crude and not thought out. The plus button allows you to create a table which works only if you need a table exactly three co
  10. To get the horizontal line, type the blue “+” insert button and choose “Divider”. That said, I share many of your frustrations.
  11. Unfortunately, Evernote seems to think that their system is well-functioning and they are already hard at work on new features like the "homepage." However, two days ago, I attempted to annotate a pdf on my Mac and I couldn't save the annotations--the Save button is grayed out, another 30 minutes wasted. Meanwhile, the iOS apps remain a complete disaster-- and there is no legacy option for these. The only positive differentiators I can find for Evernote right now are the "Mail In" feature and the Web Clipper. The system is slow, the "new" editor is inferior to Apple Notes, Bear,
  12. For iPad Evernote should just integrate Apple’s PencilKit— vastly superior writing experience and virtually no coding....
  13. Sorry you are having so may problems, you have plenty of company. But No, don't blame yourself. There were many Beta testers-- I was one. I can assure you that many of the issues you see, and dozens of others were brought to the developers' attention and were not addressed before this horrible thing was released. I too used the dividing line, there is a shortcut-- just type three dashes and hit enter, and voilá, you get the solid line. In addition, on the desktop version you can type a "#" or "##" or "###" and get large, medium and small headings. It would be great if at "launch" E
  14. I annotated a pdf with a couple of highlights in Evernote 10 with Big Sur. It caused the entire pdf to disappear from my note with no recovery. I have the old Mac version on my desktop alongside the new version- the pdf is gone there too. I was testing to see if things were improving. Within 2 minutes I had already lost data. My advice: don't even test out Evernote 10 with your live database. After working with Evernote for over a decade, I am migrating to Apple Notes, I cannot afford to wobble through this nightmare as Evernote figures out how to operate their own platform--I am t
  15. DanielKT, I agree with your point about designing software to exploit the unique capabilities of the device and software architecture. iOS, especially with the addition of keyboard support to the iPad, a now occupies a space very close to "Desktop Class" and for some functions, like annotation, iOS actually exceeds the capabilities of the desktop platform. Example: In Apple Notes I can format docs, create tables, view pdfs in-line inside a note, annotate pdfs, and photos with the Apple Pencil, and draw and diagram effectively, I can move items up and down in an outline or in a list. (On
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