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  1. Look at this thread for an option to try to get around note formatting issues: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/118497-looking-for-an-evernote-alternative-probably-found-the-closest-option/page/9/?tab=comments#comment-556375
  2. Thank you for this MOST HELPFUL tip. In another thread, I had mentioned the issues with clipping and formatting. Most of the time I use the desktop app; rarely do I ever pull up a note in a browser. I'll try to "fix" some of my notes online now. This is better advice than the person who replied. There was cumbersome advice that required copying and pasting into notepad then to EN or to print to PDF first (which is always my last option). He said I and others not happy with the way EN clips web pages should look elsewhere if we were not happy with the way EN "works"...
  3. That said, things should not be getting worse. EN used to clip really nicely, now it's inconsistent. I've had to clip web pages multiple times in order to end up with a legible note. It was never this bad before. Any web page that did not look right would generally tend to right itself with "simplified". Not any more. EN is supposed to help keep me organized and efficient. Worse case...I ended up with a note that ended up in a column that took up only 1/3 of the note. There was no adjusting the column size, no sizing possible, and it was unreadable because there was no way to scroll to the right. Maybe it was WAAAYYY at the bottom of this bottomless note, but I scrolled down a ways, gave up, and deleted the note. Tried cutting and pasting, still the same. I used "simplify", less pictures, but also lost some important diagrams, but still a "two-inch" column. I highlighted then tried to clip "selection", still the same. It was never this difficult. Finally ended up printing to PDF but a PDF is also not easy to edit and annotate...features that EN shines at or used to... I'm just really disappointed in the changes. So what IS an acceptable length of time to wait? I still keep trying to clip a PDF...
  4. I'm trying to use a notebook as a manual. The "pages" of my manual constantly get messed up based on when I edit it. In any of my notebooks, I would LOVE to be able to rearrange notes in some order. Meanwhile, I've created a TOC, moved the links around to the preferred order, then used the hack to set the edit date to sometime in the future so the TOC stays at the top. For a previous ToC that I created in another notebook, to keep certain types of notes organized without having to merge them, it has moved "down" as more notes have been added to that notebook. It seems the date hack needs to be used to keep it on the top of the list? +1 for note pinning
  5. Still no fix? Having a similar message when trying to clip a PDF (reload page). Firefox ESR 60.2.2 on Windows 7 and Firefox 62.0.3 on Windows 10. In Chrome V69.0.3497.100, the EN add-in works.
  6. A week or two ago, I had issues with the web clipper not showing up on my laptop. I installed the plug in directly from EN which solved the problem. Unfortunately, the web clipper icon disappeared again from Firefox on two different computers (laptop and desktop). Revoking access to the different devices from my EN account then reinstalling seemed to have fixed the issue on the desktop computer but not the laptop. It is SOOOOO frustrating that I have to spend so much time trying to fix the problem! I do a fair amount of clipping of articles/information for work and prefer FF over the other browsers. I will try Yars' solution of removing my FF profile and "starting over"....at the very least, perhaps FF will be faster??? Please FIX the web clipper!
  7. Hi Colleen, When you say "Go to My account" do you mean your Account Settings? https://www.evernote.com/Settings.action. Thank you for your feedback. We will be adding a help link in shortly. Everytime I tried to log in to EN in a browser, it launched beta. Perhaps just me jumping into beta without realizing that all I had access to was notes and notebooks...
  8. My experience with beta was frustrating. "Opting" out was a challenge. Launching EN from the web kept logging me into beta where "My Account" was not accessible. Was finally able to get to it from the Windows EN "Go to My Account"... Help was also not accessible through beta. Maybe I was missing features? I wanted to log in to submit a trouble ticket because the EN clipper was also missing. (Got that fixed this morning, too, after days trying to find the right "help".) Web browser is Firefox 38.0.5
  9. Finally! The above link has rectified the issue. Even though, FF said the add on was installed (and current), the web clipper icon never showed up. Using the above link, the icon is now showing.
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