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  1. Hi Folks, I am cleaning out a thunderbird email mulitiple in baskets before migrating to a new computer and have a number of special in baskets that I want to save intact, I can set up separate notebooks for each of the topics (there could be 10 - 100 emails in each of the in baskets) and then save the emails there. I know how to find my evernote email address to forward them to, but how do I send them so they are stored in the pre specified notebook? Asked another way - is it possible to forward emails to a specific evernote notebook? OK - just to be clear - I am not simply forwarding emails one a time or I could add desired notebook name etc to the subject line - I plan on selecting 10 - 200 emails from one of my in baskets that all have the same general topic and sending them as an email attachment all at once in a single email, So if I add a notebook name to the forwarding subject line, will it put the cluster of these email attacchments into the desired notebook? Also does one email with 200 attached emails count as one email or 200 emails as applied to my upper limit of 200 emails per day? Thanks
  2. Hi folks, I am moving from win 7 to win 10 computer. In win 7, pushing the "f9" key syncs evernote. But in win 10, pushing "f9" opens the "cortana" search dialogue box ! How can I use key strokes to sync evernote on win 10 system without activating Cortana? Thanks, Rob
  3. Before I spend $10 to download David Allen's "EVERNOTE® FOR WINDOWS" user guide - I was wondering if anyone has experience using it and if so - is it better than other best practices . such as some of those listed in this forum? I am trying to come up to speed with both GTD and Evernote - so I would prefer to start with a well vetted approach and then modify down the road if needed rather than develop it from scratch to serve my needs as some folks have suggested in past posts. Thank you.
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