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  1. Hi Folks, I am cleaning out a thunderbird email mulitiple in baskets before migrating to a new computer and have a number of special in baskets that I want to save intact, I can set up separate notebooks for each of the topics (there could be 10 - 100 emails in each of the in baskets) and then save the emails there. I know how to find my evernote email address to forward them to, but how do I send them so they are stored in the pre specified notebook? Asked another way - is it possible to forward emails to a specific evernote notebook? OK - just to be clear - I am not simply forwarding emails one a time or I could add desired notebook name etc to the subject line - I plan on selecting 10 - 200 emails from one of my in baskets that all have the same general topic and sending them as an email attachment all at once in a single email, So if I add a notebook name to the forwarding subject line, will it put the cluster of these email attacchments into the desired notebook? Also does one email with 200 attached emails count as one email or 200 emails as applied to my upper limit of 200 emails per day? Thanks
  2. Hi folks, I am moving from win 7 to win 10 computer. In win 7, pushing the "f9" key syncs evernote. But in win 10, pushing "f9" opens the "cortana" search dialogue box ! How can I use key strokes to sync evernote on win 10 system without activating Cortana? Thanks, Rob
  3. Hi folks, Here is the challenge - we have a team of 10 Chemical engineers - most are new to Evernote - and we are trying a management team approach where one of the team will become point person for a project (such as improve connection between the parent group and 14 student chapters, or find new locations to hold monthly meetings etc- and then throw a set of tasks out to the team - and some of the team will do tasks, take notes about phone calls or email outreaches etc, and then another member of the team will be come point person for another project and some of the same team will support that project. So the lead on projects will pass from person to person and the support teams will vary based on their interest and availability. Many projects could be running simultaneously If we used the old approach of simply emailing everyone on the team for each of the concurrent projects - it could matrix out of control - so we want to set up a shared evernote model where we can all keep track of numerous projects without the email chains. Has anyone had experience with setting up this kind of structure - especially with folks who have no previous evernote experience? Can it be done with standard evernote and share with the team members or is business evernote more suited for this type of communication and note taking? How we alert team members when new information - say from a phone call - has been added to a project note? Thank you. Rob25
  4. Thanks Dave, - Just to be clear - are you using Hancom to edit MS Office Docs, or using Hancom to edit Hancom versions of MS Office Docs? I am not familiar with Hancom, but in some of the reviews it is compared to MS Office - so I am not sure if it is meant to replace MS Office which I already have on my phone, or to be used in conjunction with it? Thanks, Rob
  5. HI folks, Has Evernote ever overcome the problems of not being able to edit MS Office docs on Android devices? The latest info I can find on this was dated 2012 - so has there been a fix for this issue? I created an Excel file on my pc, attached the file to a note in evernote, and then opened it on my android device (which has Excel) - the file opens fine - but it is a read only file. I need to be able to edit and save this file from multiple devices - not just on my computer! I am seeing some work arounds - like using Drop box or purchasing a program like OfficeSuite 8 - or just forgetting about evernote and using google docs etc - but those are all extra steps - just sticking with evernote would be simpler if this issue has been fixed, since all the rest of my notes related to spreadsheet are in the associated evernote file. Any suggestions would be appreciated - I have a project I need to do today away from office and planned on using my Galaxy Note 5 and a Bluetooth keyboard. Thanks, Rob
  6. Before I spend $10 to download David Allen's "EVERNOTE® FOR WINDOWS" user guide - I was wondering if anyone has experience using it and if so - is it better than other best practices . such as some of those listed in this forum? I am trying to come up to speed with both GTD and Evernote - so I would prefer to start with a well vetted approach and then modify down the road if needed rather than develop it from scratch to serve my needs as some folks have suggested in past posts. Thank you.
  7. Scott, Thanks for your reply. That is encouraging - I know what you mean about getting partners on-board with Evernote. However, as I understand it - my partners do not have to have Evernote installed on their computers - they just need to set up an account with username and password for me to share a note or a notebook with them https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208313288 scroll to "Do recipients of my shared notes and notebooks need to download Evernote?" Back to the links question - I am not clear from your description of setting up links in Evernote as to where the source files for the links need to be located. Question - if I create a note in desktop mode, and the add a link to another file that is on my hard drive - which I know from experience I can then use on my desktop to open the source file(s) can i then view that note on another device and the linked file will still open or does that only work on my desktop computer? In other words, does attaching a file from my hard drive put a copy of that file in the Evernote program so it can be viewed remotely or for that to work do I need to create a note for each of my auxiliary (source) files that I want to attach to my primary note and then link to those note "fiiles" and not to a file address on my hard drive? The other question I have - is if I take a word doc with links within the doc (no external files involved) as well as some other links to other docs on my hard drive, and then copy and paste it into an Evernote note, will it retain the hyperlinks or will they be corrupted and I need to go back and redo them.? If this works, it would allow my partners to do some work in Office and then transfer to evernote rather than have to learn how to use evernote before proceeding. Thanks again for your help, Rob
  8. Background I am using word 2007 to create a large doc that has hyperlinks to other office files such as PowerPoint slide shows and excel sheets and some individual ppt slides. This works great on my computer, but if I try to share the file with my 2 partners on their computers (sent to them via email), the links don't work because the file paths are different for each of their computers even if they have all the files that the main doc links to. My question is if there is a way to use basic Evernote to overcome these link issues by copying the word doc into an Evernote note, and then sharing the note with my partners? (or copying and then redoing the links) Does an Evernote note with embedded links to office docs actually contain the data from the office file or is it still accessing it via the docs stored on my c drive? If Evernote can be used in this way, how do I do it and if not, are there any suggestions such as google docs etc or other systems that will let me share - and ideally allow my partners to view and edit the master doc. Thanks, Rob 25
  9. Hi folks, I just checked for updates on 4.6.2015 and evernote offered a new update. After trying to download the new update, there was a pop up box that told me that the update might not install correctly and gave me 2 options - to either disable clipping or install a version that was more compatible to my operating system. I do not want to disable clipping - I like clipping - Please tell me what to do here - should I update the program or not? My operating system is win 7 home premium, running ie 11 and firefox 37.0.1. and my current Evernote version is (275193) Public. What is the story with clipping and the latest update? Thanks, Rob
  10. JM - I just tried closing the log in box and opened it again from list of programs via start button and then it worked. made my first practice note - and will have to play with this a while - but since you are online - 2 simple questions - I don't see a save button -do I have to save note when done? and how do I get a note page to have just the note while typing and not all the other stuff - like work chat shortuts notes notemoods market premium and another column to right of that - it takes up an entire screen! I am used to taking notes in either thunderbird or word and I make the page I am typing in small so I can use 1/2 of the left screen for notes and the second 1/2 screen for other docs and my second screen for 1 or 2 docs - this program takes up too much room on the screen. If I minimize it - the note taking box gets too small becauseof all the other stuff. thanks, rob
  11. OK - I appreciate all the help - I am ready to try evernote -I downloaded the program but it says "can't connect to the server please try again later". I know this question is off topic, but you folks have been really helpful - and I looked at other posts about this issue and all I can find is to uncheck ssl and make sure TLS 1.2 is checked which I did but it still won't let me connect. I want to try program but can;t - any suggestions? I left TL 1 and 1.1 also checked - is that ok? thanks, Rob
  12. JMichael - thank you - that is a big help - I will digest this for a while and get back with specific questions - the first one that comes to mind is question of file size - In the past, I have been careful not to scan very many hand written docs because the scanner would then store them as jpeg or gif files which takes up a lot of space compared to word docs etc. How does evernote deal with this - does it compress the scanned images so as to not take up too much space on your hard drive? Rob
  13. Wordsgood - thanks for the link to intro info etc. I looked at it - but what I am still not getting is "what does evernote REPLACE" - in other words there is lots of info on how to set it up, writing notes, including audio and photos etc making to do lists etc - but at a more fundamental level - why do this? Right now, if I analyze it, I use the computer to do a series of functions - without evernote. Word, excel and powerpoint are used to write notes, letters reports or do calculations or organize data or do presentations. If doing internet searches I use bookmark folders for various topics and use Thunderbird for email because of the ease of setting up multiple inbaskets. If I take notes on paper, they are put in project file folders and then discarded or filed permanently when the project is over. I use a GTD (getting things done) action lists that are word docs on my desktop and a paper calendar for appointments. I carry a stack of 3X5 cards to take notes on if I am away from my desk and process the stack through my GTD physical inbasket daily. It is not a perfect system - but it works ok. Where it mostly breaks down is having stacks of papers from time to time accumulate if I put off the filing stage. So my question is - not how to set up evernote or how to use it's feature, but where does it fit into the existing system I (and many people) are currently using. What does it replace? And what stays the same? It is a systems question and it relates to changing something(s) that are part of an existing work flow. And what are the benefits from using it to replace existing systems in terms of saving time or increasing productivity? That is what I mean by getting the big picture before diving into the details. Rob
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