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  1. Daystar up - Morticia down!

  2. In Plus or Premium you can have offline notebooks. In the free version all is on the cloud. But it's not possible to save on external microSDcard
  3. One more tweet when I have posted over 63600 is no trouble And often they (evernotehelps) come back as soon as they can Thanks, Morticia - What a team !! You're welcome. Community/forum is teamwork!
  4. One more tweet when I have posted over 63600 is no trouble And often they (evernotehelps) come back as soon as they can
  5. Done Hi again @evernotehelps a member and soon? Premium costumer need help https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/86916-evernote-premium-offer-prob https://twitter.com/MorticiaB/status/625815546584526848
  6. But not in EN (276152) Public In win7
  7. coffee or sleep?

  8. Little explanation why Tags can be harder then Notebook(folders) in for people with ADD/Asperger's syndrome My History: Before I started with Evernote I sort my live in folders, one for each subject or event. I fitted the Windows perfect. Many folders... And subfolders. And many documents need to be in more than one folders. So I copied it. It was the way for me to have everything under control, the problem with all this version of the same document was huge. Before Evernote I have another app for my personally life, Catch. And Evernote for the rest. And tags come in to my life. I see to good side of using this method. Easier than having duplicates and triplicates (and octocates) But it took time. My ADD/ADHD and Asperger's syndrome makes my brain very tired. All input and noise and light stress me. When I was a kid and goes to school I read the math homework before bed and write down the result in the morning. My brain never sleeps. Changing method is tough for everybody. But with a brain who running Marathon everyday it's little harder. I needed to see the positive side by myself, what other say doesn't help me see it in my life. And I just can speak for me.
  9. Love to see that so many people are willing to give their works for free. Volunteers? And I believe they all use Linux. And only open source software and free versions. Or maybe add-ware. Free is good. Always! Or is it only when it's others work? One company. One app. Good and useful. Been addicted to it and now they do this? But not so good as it has to be paid for? The nagging pop up for premium disturbing the work. Like all other ads in apps. Or the that it cost to send mail to Evernote. Users love this feature. Use it often, my invoices, receives, orders and private message go right in to Evernote (what would Evernote be without it?). And suddenly it will cost! All my notes, collected in many years now I have to move them to another free service, and how long will that be free? And no warning and disclaimer that Evernote maybe will change the payment plan or features. (Warnings need to be personally "Dear Sam" If not, they will not be read.) Every company can change the features and payment plan, no need to have a long disclaimer for every change that might be later. Do you like to read a long disclaimer every day. Every day starts with a new pop-up from every app-company with the latest new about the app, company etc. Reading all the mail from all the apps you have? Updated with the latest news on the app and company? (I don't) Evernote did send mail 2015-04-30. But I missed it. PS: I understand that not all have the money to pay. I have to priories which app I pay, I choose not to have MS Office, use Open Office instead (just one example) I can't afford vacations. Buy books on sales. Use Price-runner to check closed to almost everything I need to buy. I don't have a TV. In my age-group 88% have higher income, I have a couple disabilities who make it kind a hard to work. But I survive. Every penny, cent counts. I start paying a couple of years ago for the offline features - to have offline to save my Internet-bill. And I priority to keep Evernote and some third party apps. I'm too lazy to move all stuff. And I like the apps. And I have nothing against volunteers, I'm into that stuff myself, that is addictive tooo.
  10. If no mail arrive: Check the special Evernote Mail address. Copy and send a test. If some mail arrive: What's the difference between them. Recreate the special Evernote Mail if you got spam
  11. First New Note Ctrl + N And open in new windows Ctrl + Enter Or just double click in the new note
  12. Hi It's hidden behind the A with the three horizontal lines Check boxes moving when editing with Android. more in Getting Started with Evernote for Android
  13. smells summerrainnight...

  14. It is possible to share notes and notebook from Basic to Premium. Throw EN Work Chat And notebooks can have permission as edit, share or read-only
  15. A year a go I have this problems. Or did Evernote just illustrate my reaction to my income - tax? http://www.evernote.com/l/AQL_AjW-AxNFHJUuZTBcx8_dIOpovhmw80w/ After that I bought a small black table to use for all Evernote scanning (including invoice, letter and all other) is a black Svartåsen from Ikea English: http://www.ikea.com/gb/en/catalog/products/40242177/ And after Evernote updated one or two times the problem was gone.I still use the table
  16. If you share a notebook with no permission to share or edit they can't move it. Så it's grey.
  17. 3: Click in the i info in the note In the picture in this note you can see the the settings You can set url, date, name and etc http://www.evernote.com/l/AQIHCmyC9LxC5YGUAxvRn4OEp9T--OlKoS0/ Edit: change to a note with English picture
  18. 1: Upgrade to Evernote Plus and you have 1 GB. 60MB can be enough if you collect bookmarks to images. But if you going to collect images you will hit the limit quick. If you bookmark the image and don't drag it in to Evernote it don't cost of your Quota. But if you put the images in a not it will cost. Types of actions that use up your monthly upload data: Editing text inside a note Editing a file that's attached inside a note Rotating or deleting a picture inside a note Upload limit FAQs
  19. I using this E-gallery https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gmail.nakadevx.egallery and it's okey.
  20. Citizen of Kepler-452b maybe found the earth first...
  21. Daystar up - Morticia down!

  22. Listen to Ebba Grön...

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