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  1. I thought so myself for a long while. But when they (the employee) didn't see the notebook (they have a Basic account) I ask them to look in to I check it out. And early this morning (18 hours ago) I start redoing my Evernote notebook sharing system! The new name didn't follow when I change name. I wait for hours to everything will be synced and ready. But no new name. Since I admin both I deleted and followed again. (and with Workchat it's so easy, yes I'm chatting with myself) Alternative is to stop sharing and change name and share again. And I discovered that it's possible for a reader (no right to edit or share) to change the name herself. (I'm little jealous of the possibility to have emojis in the notebooks name, just saying...)
  2. Still no scroll for Webclippernotes. Tested on two Android 4.4.2 (Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Galaxy TabPro 8.4") and one 4.1.2 (Samsung Galaxy Tab2 7")
  3. On year ago http://www.evernote.com/l/AQLIIoRqtcNPNZwDbFqPp2Ww0SKZj6c-wLg/
  4. Just scanned some tax-paper and the documentcamera is better. In many case the first scan was good. No need for duplicates and triplets.
  5. Here is apps for co-work work Evernote Evernte App Center I use Sunrise Calender, Swipe, and some more
  6. I've using this (not video) when I'm learn other Evernote All os is represented, the difference between them and the what's same. Getting Started with Evernote https://evernote.com/evernote/guide
  7. I use 5-6 times per day. And tweak my templates (to?) often. Its easier to use than kustomnote. The templates are more stable. Transpose have some newbiebugs and maybe still have. The title of my most often notes is nog 2015-06-18 time (am/pm) and what (have 8 options in checkbox and is tag as well) Date like the rest of my everyday, like computer, phone, calender, brain!
  8. I did a quick little search on Transpose and found this https://transpose.com/public/?query=wine&order_by=
  9. And the chosen checkbox is a real Evernote tag! And you're welcome!
  10. And now tags, choose notebook works fine. The note is easier to add more data to the note since the formatting form KustomNote is gone. I using it like before. Took some time and bugs. Still note possible to get the checkbox to tag. But I hope it will be fixed soon And after date is the word _midnight_. Yeah. No clue in my templates to the extra word. http://www.evernote.com/l/AQLUEydJ9BFEBqRJSGNBBwFt1M96uv6nUp4/ And the team take issues seriously!
  11. Trashsupport will help me a lot. No need for start the computer for save a note. And setting new button in the tablets will help me
  12. An account share a notebook with me and I have it in same stack as my private notebooks. http://www.evernote.com/l/AQLTOpLVONtHRqttCEGepb6xGKsw4cAYJ5s/
  13. Yes I use an old tablet with an own account (Basic) for the employee to get information and I share pdf and other files in the notes. The can read without losing quota.
  14. Trash is good. No need for starting the computer for save a note. And the new note button is adjustable in tablets. Fix and improved camera function (don't know more, hope it's meaning that there's no need for 2-4 pictures to get a scan...)
  15. I have some apps I really love, and use them daily. And some are from small company and I have pay for all my three Androids. Just to support the future of the app. It's not very expensive apps (£$€) 3-6.
  16. Oh it's not only in my computer! Please, fix it til the full version please! Forgot I download a beta.
  17. In the clips (from 5 different sources) I try to simplify or delete formatting it works as usual
  18. From now it is! Now all your notes will have checkbox, needed or not!
  19. Annoying when toolbars move from version to version. Activate this with a little push on the A with the tree horizontal lines on the right
  20. In a note, when choosing tags it is in alphabetic order. And with 2000+ note so quick On the line above the tags i type the first letter and get a shorter list. Tags I use very often I put a "!" before so the come high in the list. In this order. Yes I looks weird but it works on daily basis ! ? . @ + and then numbers
  21. If it was Android I would like to test first a week or two. And pay for the use. I pay for good apps. Evernote, some third part apps to Evernote, so way not pay for yours?
  22. In the desktop version you can delete all in a search, notebook etc In Windows Ctrl +A and in Mac command A ? You can create local notebooks (in the desktops version of Evernote) and put the notes in.
  23. I have the latest off. Android version and checkboxes. Samsung galaxy S4 and TabPro 8.4 http://www.evernote.com/l/AQJegA26Ye5FuKoMqyyGiiRzyYoYGEWQ_1Q/
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