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  1. Hi, It seems that Undo (CTRL+Z) cancel the just generated preview . At least on Windows... Bye
  2. Hi, I have the same issue with Evernote 10.15.6. Any news ?
  3. Hello, I created an autotext with PhraseExpress to type [] with a keyboard shortcut but an native evernote shortcut would be better...
  4. I agree but i have the same issue when i have existing checkbox (from notes before v10) and want to add new lines : it isn't aligned. But i think the real solution will be to not have to add a space before brackets at the beggining of a line...
  5. Hello, I was pretty sure it tried but maybe it was with old version 10.6.9. So i just tried again with actual version and yes, it works ! Great Thanks
  6. Hello, Thanks for your reply. But why this choice ? I don't understand. If i put a checkbox..., it is because i want a checkbox . Yes and i created a automation action to add brakets quicker, but : If i insert checkbox with Insert menu on a line and with space + bracket on another, checkbox aren't aligned :
  7. Hello, Thansk for your reply. I'm very disapointed if it isn't restored . I use it a lot with legacy. I tried the workaround for checklist, it work to uncheck all, but it isn't possible to "check" all. And even if it was possible, i prefer checkbox because i don't want my text strikethoughted and i like the possibility to add as checkbox as i want on a line...
  8. Hello, With v6, a new note was created with an hyperlink as body when dragging a tab (padlock icon) from browser to notes list. With v10, it isn't possible : Thanks
  9. Hello, In v6, when dragging a note from list to another note created an interan link : In v10 it doesn't work anymore : Thanks
  10. Hello, If i hit "enter" on a line with a checkbox, it is converted into a checklist : I don't know why. If i choose a checkbox over a checklist, there is reasons (no strikethought when checked for instance), and i don't want it to be converted to a checklist automaticly. I found a workaround by hiting SHIFT + ENTER, but i have to think about that. Thanks
  11. Hello, In v6, the shortcut CTRL + SHIFT + C added a checkbox. Now it add a checklist. I know it is possible to use the "Insert" button or the code [] but it isn't convenient. The first is slow and the second doesn't work well, for instance in a line start. Thanks
  12. Hello, In v6, it was possible to check or uncheck all checkbox selected with the contexual menu. In v10 it isn't possible anymore : Thanks
  13. Hello, In v6, when i added a tag filter, only tags presents in the notes actually displayed where shown : In v10, all my tags are shown (thousands) : Thanks
  14. Hello, In v6 it was possible to open an internal link to a new windows : With v10 it isn't possible anymore : Thanks
  15. Hi, I agree with you @stocky2605, @Wanderling Reborn's tagging solution isn't a solution for me : explore by tags, tags suggestions when typing, incremental tag filter, etc. About alternatives, i tested Notion which was the one offering the more features i need, but was missing these ones importants for me : Text encryption with a note No "text inside note" search on mobile But more annoying : importing Evernote isn't working. I tried from the web app then the Windows app . Also, on mobile, my RSS news app 'Palabre" says "not supported app" when i try to send content to Notion. I think i can reply to myself by : "Yes, Evernote, even in v10 version is always the best note application", at least for my needs. Maybve Notion is good but i can't start with import and send to issues. I prefer keep Evernote and help to fix issues on it. I hope v10 will be better in next version and will fix issues and add missing functionnalilty from v6. For now, i use the legacy version on Windows, and hope my Android v10 will be fixed. Bye
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