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  1. Hi, i answer to myself : I resolved my "nothing happen" issue : i was opening the html exported file into my text editor instead of open it in Chrome and right click on it : view source. So conversion worked but i have this issue now when importing into Evernote : CANT_SET_NOTE_TAG Do you have a solution ? EDIT : it worked with http://jsfiddle.net/dewagabond/nofLm3nm/ ( i had a new error message "MISSING_NOTE_TITLE" bu nots were created :) Thanks
  2. Hi, The tool doesn't work for me : i exported my chrome bookmarks, opened the file into Notepad++, copied content, pasted it into the srcipt then clic "convert" : nothing seems happen. Am i doing something wrong ? Thanks
  3. Hi, I use pocket to read later interresting articles. When i want to keep an article forever, i share it to evernote with the android share button : then i choose evernote from the list. The article is sent directly to my default notebook and i don't see the green button to change the destination notebook and add tag. When i do the same process from others apps, i have this button. Do you have this issue too ? thanks
  4. nonobio

    android Label for new list view widget

    Hi, It also a big missing feature for me. I use several widget "list" on my home page, and it would be great to have a label on each one. I have to use a widget "text" and add it on top or on bottom of my evenote widget.. I'm surprise to see that others evernote widget have a label. Thanks