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  1. I hope it is all right for me to join this thread with my question, if not, simply ignore :). I am on a different knowledge level so need to ask some basic questions to find a solution. To capture and store on Evernote (premium) I use the web version (mac) and iphone. My question is: Do I need a back-up? I thought that using the web version means that is already backed up in the cloud, somewhere, somehow ... If I do need to do a back-up, how would I do that? And where would you recommend? You also talk about 'local database' - Is this the HD on the computer? Why would you want to do that? Many thanks and happy Friday, Lotta
  2. Hi again! I have the same issue. I am now using EN premium and I realized that with this membership, EN offers a business scanning function that does exactly this. Sorry if this does not help those who do not have a premium account. But I just saw that you can get this function for free for a year if you link your LinkedIn account and EV - https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209005777 This function, scanning and then picking up LinkedIn information automatically is fantastic. Cheers, Lotta
  3. That is a great idea. Just tried it and works fine. Super. Many thanks. Lotta
  4. Smart! So if I go with what I have now - a simple table with two columns - I would manually add the information I want to be able to find people and then copy the note link and add to get easy access to the business card I have scanned. Thanks. Do you know if it is possible to, within that table, add tags or something else to each invidvidual that would enable me to easily access all contacts that I have in a certain category, for example that work with food (and I have 'tagged' or whatever I would have to do to find this category)? Many thanks, Lotta
  5. Dear EN users, I am trying to get organised. And go digital using EN. I need your help and inspiration. Please bear with me, I am not super-savy when it comes to technology and software. 1. I would like to set up a system to keep all the contacts in my network organised. It is not a fully fledged Customer Relationship Mangement System (CRM) but rather a 'place' where I add all new contacts (name, contact information) and short notes to remind me of where we met and so forth. I want to scan business cards BUT also have a place to list all my contacts in one note, not have each contact as a separate note in a notebook. Any ideas on how to create an overveiw of all contacts. 2. Today I have contacts in a table with 2 columns I have created in EN - One column for name and contact information and one column for some personal notes. A bit tedious. Must be another way. 3. Scan business cards - I have a EN premium account so super-nice to easily to add contacts by simply scanning the business card by taking a photo using EN. In addition to this, I have tried Scannable and CamScanner - Don't really know which of the 3 alternatives is best and if one has an advantage over the other, but the EN version is really simple. But with the EN scanned business card, how can I add these to the table I mention in 2 so I do not have to write all information? 4. Finding contacts - Some contacts are for one part of my business, others for another part of the business but also for other areas. Can I tag each contact so that if I would like to find all contacts in, for example, a certain country or who work with a particular issue? Or is there another way to easily find all contacts that I might want to connect with at a point in time? I would love to hear your experience, and how you have managed to organise your contacts. Many thanks, Lotta
  6. Dear community, I would like to know how different signs can be used to sort notes, i.e. making sure that they show up first. What is the order of different signs? From a bit of trial and error, I have found, for example, that '!' comes before '.' and '*'. Is there a list of how these signs are arranged? Apart from that I order notes using 1. 2. and so on, but sometimes (when I am working on something) I would like to pull up notes in the order by adding a sign infront that then changes the order. Many thanks, Lotta
  7. Hi all! I am trying to send emails from my gmail to evernote but they never appear. I am now thinking that I might not have set it up properly. I try to do this but now 'clever' enough to get it done :). Need your help. The first part is fine (1-3). Then I should sign into my google account (4), and a list of things what Evernote can do is supposed to show up. But it doesn't. All I see are the google apps and services. What am I going wrong? Many thanks, Lotta
  8. Same here. I looked at a tutorial and when scanning a business card, the contact is supposed to come automatically. But mine reads 'scannable document', not the name of the contact. Evernote, hello? Warmest, Lotta
  9. Hi John and thanks! Guru flicked my lightbulb. I was not saving it on my 'Personal' but actually on Evernotes own way of naming different sections (see Guru's answer above). I had no idea this exists. Thanks again, Lotta
  10. Guru, You are absolutely right! My last stack I have named 'Personal' (not Personal development), and the new notebook appears last in the view that I am using, so I assumed it was in my stack. Many thanks for this. Yet, you mention 'Personal vs Business sections' - have to look this up :). Superthanks! Lotta
  11. Thanks John, I haven't tried that one before but did now and it still wants to put that new notebook into my 'Personal development' stack. I guess Evernote is considering anything I do is for my development :). Lotta
  12. Hi and thanks for getting back. 'Bar menu' is the line of functions found at the top of the screen, starting with the apple (I think it is actually called 'menu bar'). In 'File' I can choose to create a new notebook, it then asks if I want to have a local or synchronised version. A box appears to create this notebook and states that it will save it in my stack 'Personal development'. There is no option to change the location. If I use the option that you refer to - +new notebook - same thing. The box pops up and wants to save it in my stack 'Personal development'. It is as if there is a default place to save it, but to my knowledge I have not selected this. And if I have, there must be a way to change it but this I cannot find. Hmmm. Don't really know what to do. Thanks for taking the time to support. Lotta
  13. Many thanks for reply, Sorry, forgot to mention that I use mac. When I create a new notebook, either using the bar menu or when I have all my notebooks open, it wants to create it in a stack that I have named Personal development. And I can't find a way of changing this. This means that it is created and then I have to enter the stack Personal development and find the new notebook and from there change the stack Any ideas? I tried to attach a screenshot but size to large. Not very it savy I'm afraid. Much appreciated. Thanks, Lotta
  14. Hi all, When I create a new notebook (synchronized), it does not allow me to choose where to add it. It uses one of my stacks, and there is no way to change this in the box that appears. How do I change this? Many thanks, Lotta
  15. Many thanks! I have used this and although it is called a highlight tool I don't find it very useful, or user-friendly. I press 'shift' so that it makes a straight line and is not all over the place, but still doesn't turn out very nice. It is almost easier to use the box around the text. Is there no way I could select a piece of text, click and then it it is highlighted? Warm regards, Lotta
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