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  1. Yes, in my case it was because my Iphone had been accidentally set to saving contacts to Outlook instead of to Icloud after I had installed the Outlook Iphone app. Once I put the default contact location back to Icloud then Scanable started saving again normally. There was some inability to save to the Outlook contact list from the Scanable app. This or something similar may be your issue. Thanks.
  2. A few weeks back my scanable app, running on an IPhone7+ on IOS 11.0.3 decided to stop saving contact details to my iphone when requested. It will scan a card, pull in the Linked-In data and then try and save contact, but not complete the process. No amount of uninstalling and reinstalling the app appears to correct this. The app has the relevant permissions and worked fine for several years. However now Save Contact gets pressed and nothing ever gets saved, largely defeating the purpose of scanning. Has anyone had this happen and any ideas on how to fix this? I'm not seeing other people reporting it, which is concerning! Thanks. -Scott
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