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  1. I share two of my notebooks with over 300 people. I share View Only but have always encouraged others to copy my notes to their own notebooks. The update had really messed things up for the way we've used it. First, many people have lost connection with my notebooks. Evernote shows me they are connected, but my notebooks don't show up on their end. I have had to disconnect and reconnect them. This is a time consuming nuisance and frustrating, but at least I can do something about it. People sharing my notebooks are now not able to copy my notes. This is a critical flaw, in my opinion. Several people have had difficulty downloading the Legacy version, so that's not even working for us. With the Help Chat turned off, no one seems to be able to help me. I've sent emails and answers come back days later and unresponsive to my questions. I've always been very happy with Evernote. I understand the need to update. I love that the app now looks and works the same on Macs and Windows. But losing critical (at least in our usage) features is unbelievable. Is there anyone that can help me?
  2. If I understand correctly, Conduit works as a middle man between the data bases and the user interface. I share a notebook with a lot of people, some of them have no experience with Evernote or sharing files. One of my frustrations is helping these people over the phone. I know how to do things with my Windows PC, but their Mac or iPad look and in some ways function differently. I Does this mean that Evernote will look the same on all believe they can all do the same things. This Behind the Scenes video explains why they are different and now I understand better why it's difficult to make them the same. Does this new Conduit system mean that soon my friends on their Macs and iPads will begin to see the same things I see on my PC?
  3. I share a notebook with about 400 other people. I use this notebook as a searchable catalog for products we all sell. I copy notes for just the products I own to a separate notebook and have been trying to help others do the same. I have a Windows machine and it's really easy... I just right click and copy to notebook, select the notebook I want, make sure the boxes are checked to keep the tags and update info, and click OK. Simple!!! People with Macs and iPads call me to find out how to do it on their machines, but I have no idea. I've searched and the few places I find it talk about emailing links and all kinds of confusing methods. Can anyone tell me simply, maybe with screenshots, how to copy a note from our shared notebook into their own private notebook?
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