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For the love of God, please fix it so I can copy multiple notes at one time from one notebook to paste in another notebook.



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The logical option is to select multiple notes and MOVE them, if it needs to be moved. This is supported by multiple selection menu.

Usually a note is not even moved more than maybe once. ENs basic concept is to hold ONE copy of content, and use TAGs to organize them.

Creating copies of the same to put it into several notebooks is folder thinking, contrary to ENs organizational concept.

This should IMHO not be made easy. Learn to use tags instead of littering your account with duplicates.

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Having multiple copies of multiple notes in different notebooks does strike me as interesting. I wonder if this is one of those things that they figured most people didn't use and so isn't worth bringing forward into Version 10.

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You can duplicate, multi select and then move. But the thread owner wants full support to create copies and stuff them elsewhere.

Next step is that you start to modify one of the copies, then another. Then you find out that each copy holds a part of the total picture, but none all.

And then we have a request for a tool that compares and automatically merges all copies into one note, holding all information.

All because people are trained to folder structures, going back to the dark age of MS-DOS and the like.

One copy, few notebooks, tags. And no easy escape to litter the EN account with copies not needed at all.

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