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  1. As I pointed out in my original post all these tables are existing notes that fitted the screen. The thing that has changed is that the notes are being viewed in a later improved??? version of Evernote.
  2. Not a solution. Still have to scroll left/right to view the borders of the tabe
  3. PC Windows 11, version 23H2 Evernote 10.91.4 Android Mobile Pixel 6a Evernote 10.92.1 I created some tables a while ago and formatted them to fit the width of my mobile screen. I have now noticed that the notes have lost about 5mm off of each side so my tables no longer fit. considering my screen width is 65mm in total, that is a major loss - not my definition of an improvement.
  4. As per usual as recommended, done a complete uninstall/install still not working. Now have to wait a week or so for all of my offline notes to be synced and then wait for the solution to magically appear. Fingers crossed.
  5. I do not expect devs to babysit it's users through every little issue that users have. (this is the place for the forum) But to leave them hanging for months on end without even knowing if their problem is even recognised let alone being worked on is so wrong. Most of us pay good money for this product it's a shame the support doesn't match it.
  6. This is assuming that they put any effort /resources into their support in the first place. Because it's invisible we will never know.
  7. I would imagine that their existing in house bug reports would reduce if they recognised the issues on the forums. So more of a transfer of existing resources. Rather than extra.
  8. Good support adds value to a product. Poor support can lose you fee paying customers.
  9. There is no technical reason why the developers cannot respond directly. At least we would know that our issues have either been recognised or dismissed.
  10. Am I missing something when it comes to identifying and reporting issues with the Evernote suite. There seems to be a capacity to log issues via these forums but no input from Evernote support. I have been spoilt in the past with a previous app where was able to report and share issues with fellow users and get solutions but also the developer would provide input and recognise and confirm issues and I would at least know that my problem had been recognised and the developer was actually working on a solution. With Evernote there seems to be nothing. When I report a bug to Evernote how do I know that it has been recognised and they are working on a solution. I have seen bugs that have been recorded by multiple users for more than 12 months and at the same time updates to the app on almost a weekly basis. It is almost like the developers are obsessed with creating new features rather than fixing existing ones. Having a voice is useless if nobody is listening.
  11. All I need to do now is find a way of stopping it defaulting back to the new front end.
  12. So my original fully customised home screen is 2 levels down and identified as My Widgets Many Thanks, Mike P👍
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