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  1. Thanks for the info ?. I will stick with 6.5. It does everything I need. ?
  2. Can anyone tell me the last version of EN which enabled me to open an image note into an external app with just a double tap. I've already back tracked to 6.5 but was wondering if there are later versions. Having the same issues with the PDF notes was the last straw for me. I will also be looking into the possibility of going back to the free version. It's a shame that there is no decent rival to keep EN on its toes.
  3. I have now reverted back to Ver 6.5, due to editing changes for PDF and image notes. Although I see no alternative to Evernote I am wondering if I should be paying a premium rate. Maybe my wallet will have a more powerful voice.
  4. Just downloaded to an earlier version (6.5) got back my old PDF viewer as well as the image viewer. Can anyone explain the added benefits of the latest version in relation to these two tools for me?
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