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  1. I was beginning to think it was just me until I saw this post. Downloaded it yesterday with eager anticipation but found my daily journal note in a mixture of various fonts with no way to set them back to what they were. None of my note links worked and lots of other menu functions were missing. No options - at least I couldn't find them. Above all, it was so slooooow...!!! Fortunately, I manage to find and re-install v6.25 back with great relief when everything worked again - after I reset the fonts in the notes I edited. I did however notice v6.25 was running slightly slower tha
  2. Yeah, I think you may be right I forgot about that. It's a shame it doesn't work with check boxes as well. Although it does work with bulleted check boxes. I'll have to try that... Thanks!
  3. It was just a paragraph list of tasks...
  4. Hi All For many years I've wished for a Onenote feature to appear in Evernote - the ability to just grab a line and move it up or down in a list. Today, I just did it by accident!! I had a list and just added some text at the beginning of one of the lines. I pressed return and the whole line moved down one line with the one that was below going above it. I pressed Ctrl Z and Ctrl Y to make sure I wasn't seeing things then tried other key combos to try to figure out what I just did but just cannot re-create the action. Does anyone have any idea what I may have done?
  5. Yay, it works. At least for my email clips which was my main problem... Thank you...
  6. Same as me except I'm on windows 10 Have just had Chrome update to Version 68.0.3440.84 (Official Build) (64-bit) NO DIFFERENCE!!
  7. The original poster just left out the word 'Clipper'. It seems to be mostly affecting clipping emails in Gmail (using Chrome) for me although other web pages have also been affected. While alternative clip formats like 'Simplified Article' sometimes works when 'Full page' doesn't - it doesn't help for emails as it clips the whole Gmail browser data. I left 'Saving your clip' on the screen while I went away to do something else - it was still there when I came back. I suspect something in the Web Clipper itself or the Chrome browser has changed.
  8. I've been having the same problem since yesterday. I thought it was my PC but maybe not...
  9. I have over 32 thousand notes and my searches are still almost instant. Remember, I only wanted the link on a page - not the results...
  10. I know it isn't available at the moment which is why I asked if there was any chance of it being implemented. I am already using the method you suggest for my journal entries but it's a pain... I will look into Phrase Express - thank you...
  11. Is there any chance that one day we may be able to put a saved search link actually into a note? I know note links are very useful but I find (in my case) they tend to become redundant, especially when notes are merged - where the original notes are deleted and a new note created. It would be awesome to be able to have a page of specific links that are dynamically updated when you use them. I know there is the Saved Search area in the left panel and that you can save them in the Shortcuts area but - to be honest - in my case, they just end up in a mess as my needs change and I lose trac
  12. Mmm, strange. Anyway, I had to revert back to 5.6.4 due to another bug. I've altered the setting you mentioned and apart from having the extra step of clicking in the note title, it is a lot less hassle overall so I'm happy at the moment.
  13. Basically, just highlighting a selection of cells in Excel. Copying them (Ctrl-c) and pasting in a note (Ctrl-V). Nothing happens. Not much more I can say really... Have reverted to current main version 6.5.4 and all is well again...
  14. Brilliant, thank you. Pushing my luck here but I don't suppose there has been a fix for my other two issues...?
  15. Just noticed that I'm having this problem as well. I cannot paste my spreadsheet clips into a note. I use this all the time to keep up with current data. Looks like I'll have to revert back until it's fixed...
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