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  1. Just for additional feedback. This lag now does not happen anymore, which is great. (I am not sure how it got resolved though. My configuration is still the same. There was new Evernote updates that was installed, maybe there where some performance improvements in the latest Evernote updates.) I can now use the new Evernote version 10 and do not have to use the Version 6 app anymore. Thanks Evernote Developers and Team for all the hard work on the new Evernote app. I appreciate it very much! It has really improved significantly since it was released.
  2. After posting the above, I was thinking more about this very frustrating slight lagging effect when entering text into a Note. Together with the above suggestion, it would be awesome if there could be a setting in Evernote where one can specify how frequent a note's changes should be saved to the cloud Evernote server. I would e.g. set my Notes to save only every 2 minutes or even less frequent. Anything to get rid of the very frustrating lag! 😀 (Actually now I tested working offline (by disconnecting from the Internet) but it still had the slight lag effect. Maybe it is still trying check if it can save, even though I am offline? However, I might not even be correct in saying that the continuous saving of the note causes the lag? I don't know. (I am running Evernote on Windows 10 on a new gaming computer that has very good Internet connectivity, so it is hopefully not as a result of hardware or connectivity related issues.)
  3. I have been a happy paid Evernote user since the start of Evernote. (Is it more than 10 years already now ?) Entering new notes in the new Evernote has a slight lag effect at times which is very painful (as compared to the previous Version 6 app) This lag is probably because it saves continuously (to the Evernote cloud server I presume). So therefor the Quick Note feature is very cool, because this continuous saving (to the cloud) does not happen and it is much faster to type and enter thoughts. Often though, I have to paste images to the Quick Note. This cannot be done in the Quick Note Window. It would be very useful if one could select to open a Quick Note that has all the functionality of an actual Note, but without saving it to the cloud all the time, because that just makes compiling a note and entering text less responsive and more painful. So then it maybe only saves it to the Evernote cloud once one select 'Convert to note' (or maybe only every 2 minutes or something). Currently I still use the previous version of Evernote (version because it is so much faster and more responsive and pleasant experience to type and compile a note. (Feedback based on Version 10.13.5 (the most recent version at the time of writing this comment)
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