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  1. This is a screen shot of my Daily Log For items not in my checklist the "Reminderrs" link provides an ongoing item list. The view is limited in the interest of privacy, but there is a "Reminder History" line not far under the visible portion below, and I drag completed items just under that line, latest always to the top. I saw the note about scripting, and I have not ever tried that; so I don't know which would be easiest. But in the interest of simplicity, I want to tell you these notes are so very easy and quick to create. For those that don't use keyb
  2. I have a method that I use for myself to manage my daily routine‘s and scheduled items. I do not use a separate note for every day, and the way I use tables, the idea of a separate note for every single day feels a bit overwhelming. You could format a note the way you would like your daily note to look, and then save it as a template to start a new note every day. That method would involve a large number of links that I believe are unnecessary. You might consider a monthly note, which is what I do; and I do create a new link to it each month. Then I have a daily table that I
  3. I don’t do anything special to keep the vertical size of the cells as you saw them. I do use the Windows Evernote app and not a browser. I’ve noticed a concern from some about the amount of space taken up by tables, but I get much more information in my field of you with tables than I ever did with outlines. Also when I set up a new table I often end up repositioning rows and columns until I finally find the way I want to use it.
  4. I looked at the ad for Filterize, and it does look like that could be an effective way to organize a large number of notes in Evernote. But it feels sort of like getting professional help to organize an office. I don’t feel overly anxious to add annual fees. When notes are put into Evernote with a specific action in mind, it seems simple enough to make the connections when each note is created.
  5. I understand we all have different situations and different needs. I do not use this table with links system to organize Evernote; I use it to organize my responsibilities and to provide specific guidelines and detailed steps to complete them. The four most important of my responsibilities are the least frequent, occurring only once each year. Evernote tables are a great format for step-by-step details.
  6. Managing Responsibilities With Evernote Richard L Coonce Introduction The purpose of this document is to explain a different way to use Evernote. This method can significantly improve information management; and provide dramatically better control of responsibilities, tasks, guidelines, and document retrieval. I suspect that I'm not the first to do this, but I've not seen anything published on it, and considering the impact it's had on my office, it's certainly worth sharing. I've used Evernote for a number of years, first in my o
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