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  1. I asked this question 2 month ago and they said it's by design 😕 It's so annoying...
  2. Yes, I also recognized it that way... Same goes for left-align text 'shift + command + {' and right-align text 'shift + command + }' on german keyboards... you cannot press '{' and '}' on its own. (At least for Mac)
  3. I see it the same. I also miss a shortcut for checkboxes...
  4. Yes, with the old Evernote (Legacy) I had all my Shortcuts in place with the App Shortcuts in System Preferences... But now I try to learn the new Shortcuts for Evernote 10, because none of my old shortcuts work anymore Is it possible to set your own shortcuts with Evernote 10 just like in the legacy version?
  5. At the moment it still does not work for me... I try to press these 4 keys (screenshot), am I doing something wrong?
  6. Thank you for your response! You say: alt/Option Command And what in the third key?
  7. I try to left align a text with this shortcut, but I don't know how to achieve this with the Mac-Keyboard, especially '{' together with '⌥ ⌘' ... Thank you!
  8. Exactly, basically I like the fullscreen mode but I don't think it's so good, that you can't decide for yourself what fullscreen is and what not... A dream would be, of course, if in the near future preferences would come back and you can set exactly these little details yourself (whether you want to have fullscreen or not when searching or clicking on the favorites or what tools you want to have displayed in the toolbar in iOS, in what order you want All Notes, Favorites, Notebooks, Shortcuts, in the left sidebar, etc.). Users have different preferences and with an individual config
  9. Thanks for your answer, but on smartphone you can easily scroll a little bit more horizontally to the right to quickly find the tools you need. I think of the example when I'm reading a text in Evernote and I want to quickly select a text with 'select word -> highlight'. (as it was possible before...) This worked great with the old version! Now I need 4(!) steps for the same approach... Select word Press the Aa-Button Press highlighter button Select highlighter color Before it was only one step... In my opinion, the best thing would be, if you ha
  10. Hello, i'm trying to use one of the new features in Evernote 10 actively and I noticed that there is a little bug that is a bit annoying when trying to work in Flow in Evernote. The highlight-colors are in a different order on the Mac compared to the iPad & iPhone. I think it is a bug, so I would be happy if it is fixed or if you can decide for yourself which order of the highlight colors you want to have! Thanks
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