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  1. I'm having what appears to be the same problem with Evernote clipper (button) for Firefox browser and Evernote Windows client. I use Evernote clipper to clip web page content (full article, simplified article, full web page, selected text with entire article selected - all truncate but to different degrees; doesn't matter whether I clip to web then sync to Windows vs clip to windows then synch to web; same symptoms): My Evernote Windows client is showing truncated versions of the notes. My other Evernote clients are NOT showing truncated versions of the notes: Evernote Web, Mac, IOS, and Android. So, the full content apparently is in the database, Windows client just isn't showing all of it. And, so far, it appears only the Windows client is impacted.
  2. I'm having the same problem with Evernote Windows client in Windows 7 and Evernote Clipper 6.0.15. If I capture just the article vs simplified article vs full page vs selected text (click and drag & selecting entire article), I get different degrees of truncation in the Windows client. Now here's the wierd part: I see the full content in Evernote Web. It's only the Windows client that is truncating display - apparently the entire content is there, it's just the display that is truncating and not accessible.. It doesn't matter whether I have clipper send the clipped note to the web then sync to windows client, or send to the Windows client then sync to web (clipper option), in either case the windows client is showing it truncated but Evernote web is showing full content. Checking other clients I have ... Evernote for ios version 7.7.9 on an iPad is NOT truncating the notes - showing full content. Evernote for Mac version 6.0.16 is NOT truncating the notes- showing full content. Evernote for Android version 5.8.5 is NOT truncating the notes- showing full content. So, to recap: Truncating note (on display only): Windows client NOT truncating note: Web, Mac, IOS, Android clients. Has anyone found a fix or workaround for this yet?
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