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  1. For me this only happens if I'm in a note, but not in the note list, home screen, etc. I actually prefer this behavior. It's very helpful if I'm looking at a recipe in Evernote or just taking notes and don't want to have to keep waking my phone. Making it an option would be fine, but I'm hopeful they don't remove this functionality. It was missing for a while and I'm glad that it returned a couple of versions ago.
  2. Yep, Windows has the Win-period shortcut. But I only learned that a few months back and haven't internalized it yet 😀
  3. Right. I usually only use markdown on the desktop, so mobile wasn't a consideration for me. But you're right, it's helpful to remember that Windows (and presumably other OSs) have emoji selection/keyboard options. I usually forget about that.
  4. Same issue and workaround as in note titles: you can create them in the main note text and then cut/paste them into the task or title. It's a minor annoyance, but one I'd hoped wouldn't carry over into new functions.
  5. I'm an Android user. Play Store rollouts take up to a week from what I understand. I'm sure I'll get it, but as of right now it's not available for me. However, if it's going to break my saved searches, I'm in no rush.
  6. Right. I haven't received the 10.12 update yet, so I can't say if this search problem is present for me there.
  7. It would be helpful for my workflow if emoji markdown was available in tasks just as it is in normal note text. Has this already been discussed and I just can't find it?
  8. I'm seeing this on Windows and web, too. Not on Android, but that hasn't been updated as recently as the Windows (and presumably web) clients.
  9. If I hide completed tasks, I still see my notes with zero outstanding tasks in the tasks pane when I sort by note (on Windows, Android, and web). They're actually completely hidden for you?
  10. I'm curious to see how Plus subscriptions are treated. While I hope we'll get the full functionality, or at least more than Basic users, I'm not holding my breath. I assume it'll be a similar case to Home, where the additional features are not available to Plus users. From EN's perspective, it's likely preferable to nudge Plus users toward the Premium plan rather than giving them a reason to stay with a deprecated plan.
  11. I would think that the most recent updated timestamp (it looks like that'd be statusUpdated) could serve the same purpose, but that's thrown off if you fix a typo in a completed task or something. Hopefully EN is considering some way to capture the completed date/time.
  12. Agreed, this would be a useful addition. @jbenson2 provides a workaround, but it's an extra workflow step compared to EN automatically capturing the completion date/time.
  13. I noticed this, too, but it was in a version of EN that didn't yet have access to Tasks. I believe it was the web version.
  14. Is there any word on a plan or the timing to allow the creation of app links to other notes on Android? The Windows and web versions let you create app links, but not Android. So if I create/edit a note on Android and it involves a link to another note, when I open the note later on my PC I'll encounter a web link instead of an app link. As it is, I end up having to spend additional time at a later point revising notes created/edited on Android so that they function properly (or at least in line with my preference - I don't want EN to open a browser just to go to a linked note).
  15. So maybe it's specific to Android 11. I get it, people have different use cases. There's currently no setting, so we're stuck with what EN decides to implement. It's just interesting (and a little frustrating) that it behaves differently on different Android devices. To me that sounds like a bug.
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