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  1. So maybe it's specific to Android 11. I get it, people have different use cases. There's currently no setting, so we're stuck with what EN decides to implement. It's just interesting (and a little frustrating) that it behaves differently on different Android devices. To me that sounds like a bug.
  2. So you have this issue, too? Do you mind if I ask what phone and version of Android you have?
  3. Have we lost the screen timeout override setting in v10? I use Evernote frequently for recipes while cooking, and it was helpful that I could previously have it override my device's screen timeout setting and stay on indefinitely while I was viewing a note. As far as I can tell, this setting has been removed in v10. Strangely, my wife's device seems to keep her notes open (though I haven't tested extensively), while mine times out. She has a Samsung Galaxy S20 FE running Android 10 and I have a Pixel 5 running Android 11. Maybe it's related to the OS version? Does anyone have any ins
  4. Agreed. I may reach out to EN support to see if they'll provide any insight. Based on the un-scientific metric of forum engagement, it seems this is not something bothering a lot of people, so I don't expect it to be at the top of the EN priority list.
  5. One of my pet peeves with the old Evernote was that colors and formatting weren't consistent across platforms (in my case, Windows, Android, web). I was under the impression that moving to a single code base was intended to create a consistent UX across platforms. I see that we still have differences between platforms, though. I've only tried a few colors, but there's a clear difference in at least two. Is there a reason we can't have consistency? I also see that we have 13 color choices for Android, but 14 for web and Windows, not counting "Auto." I'm not a programmer, so maybe ther
  6. Thanks. I clearly didn't see this list before posting. After seeing your post I went looking for it, and it wasn't where I would have expected to find it (in the help menu at the bottom of the navigation pane). I did eventually find it, though. I'm hopeful that the inclusion of the word "currently" means that these features will be implemented at some point. For the meantime, I'll continue as I have and switch back to the previous web client when needed. Thanks for the quick response.
  7. Is there a way to access saved searches in the new web client? It's easy to do so on Android and Windows, and in fact I have even set up a couple of shortcuts to some of my most frequently used saved searches. I use those shortcuts frequently on Android and Windows. In the new web client, though, I only see my existing shortcuts to individual notes. All shortcuts, whether to individual notes or saved searches, were available in the older web client. Is saved search functionality buried in the web client somewhere? Or is there any information about when it will be implemented? At least for
  8. Thanks. Only some of my saved searches show up as shortcuts on Android, and they're the ones I want to keep. I think I set them up on Windows originally. Regardless, the ones I want to remove aren't in the shortcuts menu. I don't have access to a PC right now either, but I'm hopeful that I can remove these orphan saved searches when I have access to a computer again. I was just hoping someone had a simple solution that I was overlooking.
  9. How can we remove saved searches in the Android app? I feel like I must be missing something obvious, but I can't find that anywhere. I had created a bunch of test searches when there were search issues with the app a few months back, but they don't do me any good now.
  10. That's the version I appear to have. There are still problems with search.
  11. I suspect it's the same issue, or at least related, but I have found that the widget I use to show saved search results is now showing me, "Couldn't load your list. It's probably just the Wi-Fi." It's not the Wi-Fi. I checked. Restart, clear cache, etc. have not fixed it. Playing around a bit, having the widget display a saved search that's relatively simple (e.g., just a single word) works fine. Asking it to show more advanced results (e.g., a saved search looking for particular tags, notebooks, etc.) does not. I see that I received an update to the app early today. I usually d
  12. I found a few months back that if I tried using one of my saved searches in the web interface, it didn't work properly. Digging into it a little bit, it seems that if I use the "any" operator with respect to tags, it brings back nothing. For example, my saved search has this basic format: notebook: Notebook1 any: tag:tagA tag:tagB. It works fine on Android and in Evernote for Windows. But not the web version. That brings up zero results. Trying a few more options, I found that the search tag:tagA worked fine in the web version, but any: tag:tagA (which should bring up the same result
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