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offline notebooks and the android app ...

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I have a curious little problem with Evernote Android:
In the offline notebooks, a certain notebook always appears twice. Another notebook even appears 12 times. 

I can deactivate the offline synchronisation for these notebooks. But it still makes no sense.
The software is up to date and there are no connection problems.

In the web browser, these two notebooks are definitely only present once.

What can I do?

Best regards

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Most likely something went wrong with the download, so it duplicated the notebook, and started another download.

Probably you need to get rid of the corrupted local copies (all of them) by deactivating the offline option for these notebooks. After the unsync is confirmed, close the app, delete the apps cache and switch the phone completely off. Wait a little, back on, open EN and wait for all (possible) activity to terminate. Then switch the notebook back to offline use.

I am not sure it will help, but I think it is worth trying.

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I'm not convinced that this is only an issue with the offline notebooks list. I have this problem frequently when I need to use the folder picker in EN on Android (e.g., to move a note to a different folder). After a reinstall the problem goes away for a little while but then returns.

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