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  1. Yes, the clipper is "broken"! 🤣 Something has changed because other notes from the last few weeks that I clipped and annotated are fine. Some were clipped using "Article" and some were clipped as "Simplified Article". Today, I clipped a page - it looked fine - then I added comments to the top. A few minutes later, because I'm clipping multiple pages for various products, I go back to the first note and my comments are fine, but the rest of the clip is "scrambled" (layout lost, text on top of text, format skewed, unreadable). Ok, so try something different...highlight what I most want to keep...clip. Note looks fine until I add my comments to the top; scrambled again. I'm gathering specs for (5) different video cards. Did each page twice in different ways - Article, Selection. I work mostly in EN Legacy. (Let's not open that can.) But, when I look at the EN web app these new notes show the block (Web clip) for the "selection" method, however, the actual text takes up a half a page and there's at least a page, maybe two, of nothing before I get to the end of the block. Why? If I try to make editable...gibberish. Lots of time lost and goal of saving the information not yet achieved. I've seen the explanations of WHY web pages can't be clipped "nicely"...so Evernote should just ADD itself as a printer (print to Evernote) and have that as an additional clip option. For what I'm doing today, that seems to be my only option...print (selection) to PDF, create EN note, insert PDF...*sigh* repeat 4 more times...(yes, I also tried "simplified article" and the information, visually in tables, comes out in one LONG list making it difficult to read.)
  2. As EN hasn't really given a timeline of when they will remove v6.25, I have also started backing up my EN notebooks regularly. Someone had mentioned Backupery so I looked into it. It will only work with Evernote V6.25.1 and lower - they tell you it won't work with V10. Besides running an automatic backup, you can specify all or only certain notebooks and whether you ALSO want to do a back up in HTML The default backup saves ENEX files. My just-in-case backup backup plan...
  3. The newest desktop version, 10.2 is a bit improved as far as simple editing and adding comments to a clipped note. I've not tested the new version a lot because I have been using the legacy version. Will be bouncing back and forth this week. Still not happy that I have to manually sync the legacy version because the note takes a while to show. I tried to create a note using my iPhone yesterday and wanted to use a table but there's no table "tools" in the iOS version. You can't add row or column. Then I got the brilliant idea of creating the table in Excel (mobile) then inserting (also tried "sending' to EN)...both were a disaster. Apparently, this has been a requested feature for quite some time, so it's not part of this new "change". I'm still evaluating Nimbus Notes. Similar look to EN but not quite as "mature". However, the pricing is extremely attractive.
  4. Downloaded and installed v10.2. A bit happier about how it looks and functions. How can you "anchor" the note title? I would like to not have to scroll back up to remind me what NOTE I am working on. I still prefer tags on the top because I use TaskClone a lot and I would like to be able to monitor if TC has run (tag will disappear) but maybe it's an adjustment that I will need to make? I have NOT tested TaskClone yet but I hope it works as it is supposed to and there is no significant delay. I feel like there's a longer delay in syncing from cloud to desktop app. Where is the SYNC button?
  5. July 2012 for me but my renewal is November. I still have the EN notebook. Back then, you got 3 months free when you bought it. I remember giving a couple notebooks as gifts so friends could try EN.
  6. No point in complaining or threatening but I want TO HEAR WHAT EVERNOTE HAS TO SAY about this. Are you moving forward with V 10 or cutting your losses? My subscription expires soon. I created a trouble ticket to inquire but you’d think they would just come forward and let everyone know what their plans are.
  7. Thanks for the tip but I have reverted to a version that I had the download for (6.19). Back in my comfort zone and a little less stressed but am testing migration to ON today - it's taking a while to import one set of notebooks (800+ notes) - and looking further into other possibilities, though there is no equivalent. If I discontinue EN, it will require a lot of change and adaptation on my end and I do not look forward to that. Hoping that EN is listening and anxious to hear what they decide to do...
  8. I made the mistake of upgrading today. It called my "Conflicting notes" folder local and gave me a choice to export it. I, too, do not like that the local database has been removed. I read a recommendation that you should avoid having two or more people work on the same note at the same time. Hello! When you work with others, this happens and having EN tag a note as "conflicting" was helpful. Most of the time I did not have to merge the note, but alerting me to the possibility that the note was out-of-sync was a plus. I clipped a web page...and this is how I got into full WTH happened mode! I am no longer able to edit the clip. It almost looks like you inserted a picture. Did I clip it wrong? I used to be able to highlight, remove extraneous sections, add comments in between, etc. etc. (This must be payback for complaining that sometimes a web page is clipped into a single narrow column. j/k!) EN is what I use to build a "knowledge base" (mainly) for what I do - technical support. I also keep stuff for personal use and share the work-related notebooks. When you use a search engine to research a problem, you come up with a lot of information. I go through and clip ones that seem to be a "solution". Some pages don't have complete information so we sometimes have to piece things together (either I make a notation, highlight, bold, etc) in between. I will merge notes and may summarize what worked and what didn't. This becomes a reference for future troubleshooting and with the power of EN search, we can find the note quickly. From there, I can also create a task and send it through TaskClone to my task app. EN does not do well with reminders, but that was okay because EN focuses more on note taking and searching. I tried to import EN to OneNote a while back. It was a disaster. Maybe I'm not good at organizing my EN notebooks, but it created a BIG mess in OneNote that would have taken a long time to fix (re-organize). Maybe I should have exported in smaller pieces?? I'm going to look at the recommendations that people have been discussing then try to see if I have an older EN version to downgrade to. *sigh* Notion says I can get the Pro Plan for free if I use my work email. I pay for EN using personal funds and with talks about having to take a pay cut, getting something for $0 is appealing. Standard notes is also free with extended features for $2.48 per month (5-year billing cycle) or $9.99 per month. I hope there are ways to tie these in with a task app.
  9. Look at this thread for an option to try to get around note formatting issues: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/118497-looking-for-an-evernote-alternative-probably-found-the-closest-option/page/9/?tab=comments#comment-556375
  10. Thank you for this MOST HELPFUL tip. In another thread, I had mentioned the issues with clipping and formatting. Most of the time I use the desktop app; rarely do I ever pull up a note in a browser. I'll try to "fix" some of my notes online now. This is better advice than the person who replied. There was cumbersome advice that required copying and pasting into notepad then to EN or to print to PDF first (which is always my last option). He said I and others not happy with the way EN clips web pages should look elsewhere if we were not happy with the way EN "works"...
  11. That said, things should not be getting worse. EN used to clip really nicely, now it's inconsistent. I've had to clip web pages multiple times in order to end up with a legible note. It was never this bad before. Any web page that did not look right would generally tend to right itself with "simplified". Not any more. EN is supposed to help keep me organized and efficient. Worse case...I ended up with a note that ended up in a column that took up only 1/3 of the note. There was no adjusting the column size, no sizing possible, and it was unreadable because there was no way to scroll to the right. Maybe it was WAAAYYY at the bottom of this bottomless note, but I scrolled down a ways, gave up, and deleted the note. Tried cutting and pasting, still the same. I used "simplify", less pictures, but also lost some important diagrams, but still a "two-inch" column. I highlighted then tried to clip "selection", still the same. It was never this difficult. Finally ended up printing to PDF but a PDF is also not easy to edit and annotate...features that EN shines at or used to... I'm just really disappointed in the changes. So what IS an acceptable length of time to wait? I still keep trying to clip a PDF...
  12. I'm trying to use a notebook as a manual. The "pages" of my manual constantly get messed up based on when I edit it. In any of my notebooks, I would LOVE to be able to rearrange notes in some order. Meanwhile, I've created a TOC, moved the links around to the preferred order, then used the hack to set the edit date to sometime in the future so the TOC stays at the top. For a previous ToC that I created in another notebook, to keep certain types of notes organized without having to merge them, it has moved "down" as more notes have been added to that notebook. It seems the date hack needs to be used to keep it on the top of the list? +1 for note pinning
  13. Still no fix? Having a similar message when trying to clip a PDF (reload page). Firefox ESR 60.2.2 on Windows 7 and Firefox 62.0.3 on Windows 10. In Chrome V69.0.3497.100, the EN add-in works.
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