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  1. I have had to reverse my process on this. Now I go to the notebook where I would have moved the note to and start the note there. It's probably about the same number of steps as starting it in the inbox and then moving it.
  2. Yes, these were from my scanner. I'll rename and add the .pdf back in, thank you. Hope this is improved in a future version.
  3. I'm on EN v10.14 on Windows 10. When I double-click a PDF in a note, it asks me what application I want to use to open it. When I double-click a PDF from my desktop, it opens as expected in Acrobat. Also, when I right click a PDF that is stored in a note as an attachment, sometimes it drops of the .pdf extension on the file. In both cases I can still open it with EN's edit & annotate tool.
  4. Add me to the list of premium users requesting this feature.
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