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  1. I was seeing the same error on new android phone. As I'm a basic evernote user, revoked access to the old android and tried. Same error. Saw a post on here on another thread about VPN. So, tried connecting to my VPN, then logging in on to new android. Logged in without any issues. Not sure if it was just coincidence. i.e. the system takes a while to register the revoke access of the old android or what (revoking access then trying with VPN all happened all within about half an hour). But worth a try, if you have a VPN. I've explained in more detail in the other thread.
  2. I've been trying to setup Evernote on a new android device. Installed app, then when it came to login, saw the dreaded: Searched online and saw this post that says it may be because basic account only allows 2 devices at a time. Logged in to desktop and revoked access to my old android device. Tried logging in on new device. Same error message as above. Tried clearing cache/ storage. Same error. Tried uninstalling app then re-installing, same sob story. Then I saw the quoted post above about VPN, which gave me the idea of Connected to UK location through Expressvpn (I'm currently away from UK). then tried logging in on app on new phone. Logged in. No probs. So, it seems I was prevented from logging in because my location wasn't in the UK. It seems a VPN can be a curse as well as a blessing. Sorry, if I posted in the wrong place. wasn't sure whether to post here or on the other thread. Since, the VPN post was what gave me the idea. figured best to post here. I will try and put a link on the other thread to this post.
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