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  1. I'm also curious. I'm looking forward. I will go back to the premium subscription.
  2. In the upper right corner of the icon expand. Expands a note on the width of the browser window, hiding the navigation menus of notebooks. You can create a shortcut on your desktop computer to a specific note. I understand that interface to display the same note, without menus notebooks actually consume less memory. Why do I use two evernote windows myself? In one window I look at the notepads and their notes. In the second I have an open note on which I work. Often links the notes among themselves. Today I have to open two windows and from the top menu copy the note link. I would like to have a drag and drop feature to simplify this process.
  3. Thanks fot this! Every day I use Linux as my operating system. However, due to some features that are not available in web or android version I have an old laptop with evernote installed. I noticed improvements in handling large notes and speed in performance - immediately after installation. New feature request in In future releases - quick link Sometimes I use NixNote2 client. From there, I would like you to hook up the function of quick link. It is very helpful, useful, fast and handy. "quick link". If you highlight text in a note and choose the quicklink option it will search for a note with the selected words in the title. If a match is found it will create a link to that note. If multiple notes are found it will bring up a dialog box to choose the correct one. Look at the screenshot below.
  4. Today, it works without a problem. While searching forum I found information that the problem affects Chrome, Chromium, while Firefox is operating normally. Some people claimed that it was not true. For me worked. Sometimes I forget that I can use a different browser. When something does not work I pass the work on another device. That is the power of cross-platform.
  5. I must note that I have difficulty using the Evernote Web. Both yesterday and today (12-13 February 2017), when I go to the site, logs in to the notepad, it displays a blank page. So the state takes several dozen minutes to return to normal functioning. I have no difficulty with access to the version of Windows or Android.
  6. I use nixnote2. It is most similar to the application windows. I select a few notes and create the index. An interesting feature is also entering the name of a note, select it and the program will find and join the inner link (ie.quick-link). I can choose background colors notes, as well as edit the html code memo. In the system I have access to high-speed shortcuts. Dragging the mouse to the left or right can hide the navigation panels: left, notes or view. I miss the card view (similar to web applications) or function context. I would also be able to create graphical notes using a graphics tablet (also like a web application). Limitations of synchronization result that the less I use this version.
  7. I have another reason in favor of creating a native version of Evernote for Linux. In early February confirmed the information on the tablet uses Ubuntu. Prior to his debut phone based on this system. Among the applications (Ubuntu Store), unfortunately, the lack of native Evernote client. In addition, it is possible to install applications from the traditional system. Both the tablet and the phone can be used in desktop mode, when you connect the keyboard and mouse using Bluetooth technology. I look optimistically to the development of the system and production of devices that will operate it, or allow the installation of Linux systems. To recap the previous arguments. Linux users is a lot, some of them using unofficial version of Evernote or use a browser, which entails that they do not utilize the full potential of the program, which gives opportunities. Is there a chance to deliberately introduce Evernote client for Linux, even in the assumptions, goals software development company?
  8. Also, I look forward to the opportunity to select multiple notes. For obvious reasons - creating indexes notes.
  9. I work in Evernote. Part of colleagues unfortunately did not. I could show slides on a tablet with Android in meetings (even on the micro-projector). In addition to the feature presentation on android I would expect the presentation of the web. At the moment, I remain presentations G .... keep my fingers crossed for development
  10. Unofficial client NixNote since the start of the project, 15 May 2010. On Sourceforge still has less than half a million downloads. May 13, 2014 the company boasted that the number of users reached 100 million total. The Linux Counter (in 2014) estimated 73 million Linux users. Android is based on the Linux kernel. Is the create a client for Linux is therefore a problem? I believe that during the development of native Evernote client in this environment, there will be new ideas, which will also benefit users of other operating systems.
  11. How can I put of a shortcut of a single note on ubuntu desktop? I use Evernote under Wine. Is it at all possible?
  12. I also have problem with using NixNote. Problem with syncing all the notes. Evernote for Windows was installed by the wine and Android client shows me that I have a 7122 memo. After synchronizing with NixNote (Version 1.5) and check the "Current Database Status" shows me that I have a "total notes" 5 036. Run on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. The only thing I could do is to report the bug.https://sourceforge.net/p/nevernote/bugs/189/
  13. In Skitch (version that runs under Wine (version 7.1.31) does not have the capability of describing (annotate) the pdf files.
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