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  1. Evernote doesn't fit into my workflow since it's not on Linux. My reminders and lists are going on Microsoft's Outlook on the Web. And google docs will fill in the gaps and do my note taking. The web GUI isn't worth the trouble. And community apps are unreliable, featureless, and aren't worth the security concerns.
  2. With the popularity of Linux exploding, you're missing out on the opportunity to become an SaaS powerhouse and potentially the dominant work sharing platform. Right now Linux are collaborating/troubleshooting using PasteBin (which is a great service for what it does). Piping output from the command line into Evernote would be the gateway to your other products and services. It could be such a powerful tool. Evernote's availability on all other platforms indicates that your focused on Business user and end consumer. Which is fine. going after the business users. That's what your bigger, stronger competitors are doing. Target the I.T. decision makers by offering a solid Evernote experience (along with some command line bells and whistles to get people talking) on Linux. If you commit to a Linux build, you could see growth happen organically. Thank You P.S. Please don't refer me to the community builds. They are a hard 'No' from me.
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