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  1. I don't install Wine, and don't like run softwares with Wine.
  2. All the OS runs my devices are Android (mobile), iOS (iPad), Ubuntu (work and PC), and Windows (VM). I like to synchronize my data across all my devices, so I need all versions of Evernote. I tried some third party Linux client, the best one is nixnote2 (https://github.com/baumgarr/nixnote2), but due to the restriction by Evernote server side, it cannot synchronize too offen or to many documents in a time. For my case, my ~3000 documents were not synchronized in a week. What a terrible experience! The web version is not good as a native client. Evernote does not release an official Linux version and there are not a good third-party alternative, I have to say goodbye. A sad story, see you, Evernote.
  3. I won't pay for Evernote after this period is end. My computers for work and home are using Ubuntu. ----------- I changed my idea when I found "tusk" (https://github.com/klauscfhq/tusk), which wraps Web Evernote, but is very similar as a native application. (Updated on August 17, 2018)
  4. More notes added, Linux version is needed more. Nearly 4K notes in EN, what a terrible matter to use the web version! When you use EN 5 yr+, the number of notes is too big to use web version.
  5. If there is a Linux version of Evernote, there should be more users of Linux. I had used Ubuntu more than Windows before, but because of Evernote, I switched to use Windows. Now I switch to use Linux as my main OS, I got trouble on Evernote again. Yes, I can use a third-party client instead, like nixnote2, but Everonte API limits the number of notes to synchronize! I have 3000+ notes, even a week past by, they were not synchronized to my local machine! If they don't plan to publish an official client for Linux, they should not limit the API of Evernote for the third-party clients. Yes, I can use the browser version, but it's a terrible experience I hate it! Very slow, hard to edit, and etc.. However, I'd love to use an official Linux client.
  6. There is still not an official Linux version! This requirement was asked by users for years. I bought Plus months ago, and planned to buy Premium later. No, I was wrong! It was too difficult to use its Web client when I use Ubuntu, which is my main OS. I tried NixNote2, but several days went by, the whole notes of mine aren't be synchronized yet! The API limited the number of notes which can be downloaded in a batch. 3000+ notes are stored in my evernote, I don't want to try other alternations , but I don't know if I have to try them. A sad story for Linux user.
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