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  1. @RicD, I am exploring a collection of options as well. I'm already an avid google drive user and I found a great visual planning tool, BeeCanvas, and a mindmapping tool, MindMup that integrates with it and might provide something that I was missing with Evernote entirely but also serves to underscore that moving all of my writing into Google docs would be the hot ticket. I will probably also move all of my bookmarks into Google keep. For my more important information, projects and research (genealogy, health etc), that I need to be searchable and accessible, I am looking at NibusNote
  2. @DTLow Sure. #1 is just after doing the search. You can see the note count at the bottom of the search results panel. Then I scroll down and back up using the scroll bar in the middle panel and screenshot 2 is the result. You can still see the post count at the bottom but all the results after the first two are just... gone. Once this happens, the only way to use evernote again is to reload and start over with search after search, hopefully more specific so that I don't have to scroll to find it in the list. This makes searches for a note among thousands - not possible. I opened A
  3. @kgg, It's happening again! Search results are disappearing. Again, I started with support who is again telling me I have to migrate to the new web version and still, the new version doesn't do suggested searches or multi-select, making it entirely unusable with the number of notes, labels and notebooks I'm working with. To add insult to injury, I can't use the windows app either because google authenticate isn't working. In the meantime, I can't get at my data. I'm so frustrated! I have tickets open on both issues. Any hope of getting a fix?
  4. @kgg, you just made my week. There are literally tears in my eyes. I don't know how to tell you how painful the last week has been... the struggle was real. Looking forward to tomorrow!
  5. I'm an involuntary convert to the new version of Evernote web because of an issue in the old version that I'm told will not be fixed but makes my notes entirely inaccessible. So. I'm trying to make it work. Trying so hard. I've encountered another gotcha that I'm hoping I'm missing something simple on. How. Do you select multiple notes? In the old version, you just ctrl + click. In the new version, I've tried ctrl, shift and alt. Tell me there is a way. Please.
  6. As it turns out, it's web based so one can determine what platform it's being viewed on and adjust the css accordingly. On a web browser, I shouldn't see white space just because it helps mobile users. That would show a terrible grasp on web development so I'm hoping that isn't the reason.
  7. Yes - this. I'm an involuntary user of the new version now, I guess, given that I'm having a problem in the old version that I'm told will not be fixed. One of my bigger challenges in the new version is the layout. It's so big and bubbly - there is SO MUCH white space (a solid inch and a half of white space to the right of the notes list?!), meanwhile, I'm seeing so little of the information I'd want to see - like a longer list of notes, or the list of notebooks and tags alongside my notes. It takes more clicks to get to everything. I'm not loving it. I am hoping for a 'compact view' opt
  8. I've been informed that the old version of Evernote web is no longer supported so the problem I was having would not be fixed. So, I'm trying to use the new version. In the old version, if I started typing something that was part of a tag, it would auto suggest the tag, I could click on it, and it would be added to the search field. This made it possible for me to name my tags something that made them easier to find on the tag list but also usable in the search without having to remember the entire contents of my tag list ver batim. So, for example, I have a tag called "content hea
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