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  1. I already saw that announcement, but as TechGuy already broke down above, it is full of generalizations and promises that are seemingly full of loopholes/outs. Do you really think that Evernote needs to form a "Community Advisory Board" to see what their users want or dislike? Just look at these forums for a couple of hours and you'll have a product/feature roadmap for the next 2 years at least! These are problems/concerns that can be addressed and have known solutions (if you value our data the way we do, then give us additional security/encryption features)! Their latest announcement w
  2. I wish I could like this post a million times over, as I wholeheartedly agree. There seems to be a profound disconnect between what users want out of the Evernote client and service and what Evernote wants to provide. And this disconnect seems to be growing with each announcement they make. As a longtime Evernote evangelist and premium subscriber, I have had an overall very satisfying experience with the software/service. However, the direction that the company is taking the service seems to run completely contrary to my needs as a longtime/power user. They can admit that they screwed up
  3. Neither are your patronizing replies to users posting perfectly valid criticisms and requests of a product/service they pay for.
  4. A reasonable person would have also recognized that you are a moron who apparently cannot fathom the fact that a product roadmap can change significantly over the course of 7 years (since that initial Evernote response).
  5. I agree that it is not a small development effort to make a native client to any specific flavor of Linux, and there would be prioritizing decisions that would have to be made in that regard. However, given Evernote's decision to drastically raise pricing for premium members, I am looking for significant investments and development in the core Evernote software. More specifically, I want them to address longstanding issues with the notes editor, pursue stronger encryption/privacy integrations, and create a native client that runs on Linux. No one cares about things like work chat, and I d
  6. I am going to chime in here and say that I am well aware that Evernote is not obligated to make a Linux desktop client, but I am voicing my support for a Linux client anyway. For me personally (and many others I am sure), I choose to use Evernote, because it is very close to being device/OS agnostic. Evernote is better than most at supporting multiple formats and operating systems, but I expect them to set the standard for data access and portability. I've been a premium subscriber for a few years now, and I would be lying if I said that their policy to date on this issue was not disappointin
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