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  1. I already saw that announcement, but as TechGuy already broke down above, it is full of generalizations and promises that are seemingly full of loopholes/outs. Do you really think that Evernote needs to form a "Community Advisory Board" to see what their users want or dislike? Just look at these forums for a couple of hours and you'll have a product/feature roadmap for the next 2 years at least! These are problems/concerns that can be addressed and have known solutions (if you value our data the way we do, then give us additional security/encryption features)! Their latest announcement was not just a complete affront to their users' expectation of privacy and data ownership; it also shows how "out of touch" Evernote has become (they are either choosing to remain blissfully ignorant despite the outcry from users or they just don't care). While I would love to be proven wrong, the "action plan" just looks like a hastily cobbled together PR/damage control stunt to make it look like they are listening to the requests/needs of their users, while they continue with business as usual (ignoring any requests that do not neatly dovetail with their roadmap). Let me make things a bit more clear: this is not a "messaging" problem (although that is an issue as well). This is a problem where Evernote and its hardcore and most loyal users are moving in two completely divergent directions. And there is no indication in their latest action plan announcement that anything is going to change in that regard.
  2. I wish I could like this post a million times over, as I wholeheartedly agree. There seems to be a profound disconnect between what users want out of the Evernote client and service and what Evernote wants to provide. And this disconnect seems to be growing with each announcement they make. As a longtime Evernote evangelist and premium subscriber, I have had an overall very satisfying experience with the software/service. However, the direction that the company is taking the service seems to run completely contrary to my needs as a longtime/power user. They can admit that they screwed up with recent announcements, but ultimately, the CEO's words are irrelevant if no specific actions are taken to back them up. I am moderately encouraged by their backtracking and apology, but the cynical/skeptical side of my brain tells me that this is all just PR and ultimately does nothing to change their product roadmap or intentions. Putting together a few teams or consultants/teams to "investigate" and "gather feedback" is a worthless endeavor unless it leads to real action and policy changes. What happened to the focus on the core product? Parity across platforms? Improved note editor and UI? Better collaboration features? A native Linux client? Encryption? These are the things that users are asking for...not google drive/docs integrations, privacy erosion, and machine learning. At this point though, I feel that Evernote has burned up so much good will/currency with me that I am not so sure i have the patience to see if that occurs. I have started transitioning my data into platforms that offer me more control and security. Initially, I was content to make the transition gradually (since I still have a few months left before my premium subscription is up for renewal), but each of these announcements has only served to accelerate this process.
  3. Neither are your patronizing replies to users posting perfectly valid criticisms and requests of a product/service they pay for.
  4. A reasonable person would have also recognized that you are a moron who apparently cannot fathom the fact that a product roadmap can change significantly over the course of 7 years (since that initial Evernote response).
  5. I agree that it is not a small development effort to make a native client to any specific flavor of Linux, and there would be prioritizing decisions that would have to be made in that regard. However, given Evernote's decision to drastically raise pricing for premium members, I am looking for significant investments and development in the core Evernote software. More specifically, I want them to address longstanding issues with the notes editor, pursue stronger encryption/privacy integrations, and create a native client that runs on Linux. No one cares about things like work chat, and I don't care for being able to link/embed Google documents within notes (two recent features they have implemented). I also don't care what they neuter/remove from the "free tier" of Evernote, because nothing in this world is really free, and I am not against paying for the service. For me personally, I pay for Evernote Premium, because I do not want my data to be mined within any of the "Big 3" ecosystems (MS, Google, Apple). I don't want to use OneNote, because all of it's best integrations are with the MS Office Suite and MS' preferred web browsers (IE/Edge), which I do not particularly care for. I don't use Apple Notes, because I do not want to be tied to the Mac ecosystem. And I don't use Google Keep, because I simply don't want my data to be mined for Google's needs/profit (not to mention their penchant for discontinuing products). I use (and happily pay for) Evernote to stay more or less independent of those ecosystems, and I am sure many Linux users who user also utilize Evernote do so for many of the same reasons (even though they only have access to the feature-crippled web app or various third party implementations). I am not against paying for a solid product/service, but with this price change, I am looking for a significant change in priority/vision from Evernote: cross-platform support should become a major priority including some flavor(s) of Linux, more privacy-centric features should be integrated into the core product/service Evernote should remain as independent as possible from the Big 3 I mentioned previously Given the dramatic pricing increase to my premium subscription, anything less and I am gone from Evernote when I am up for renewal. The current pricing scheme/tiers and feature set are ridiculous when you try to compare it with the value you would get as a consumer out of a modestly more expensive Office 365 subscription.
  6. I am going to chime in here and say that I am well aware that Evernote is not obligated to make a Linux desktop client, but I am voicing my support for a Linux client anyway. For me personally (and many others I am sure), I choose to use Evernote, because it is very close to being device/OS agnostic. Evernote is better than most at supporting multiple formats and operating systems, but I expect them to set the standard for data access and portability. I've been a premium subscriber for a few years now, and I would be lying if I said that their policy to date on this issue was not disappointing. The "value add" proposition for Evernote is dwindling with competing/similar products coming to the market, and Microsoft, Google, and Apple are closing the gaps with their own offerings as well (that are even more competitively priced). Saying "the web client is available on Linux" or "a random developer created their own Linux client in their free time" are both cop-outs, as everyone knows those options do not support the same range of functionality as a true local client from Evernote would. In my opinion, OneNote is a far superior local client to Evernote (in a Windows environment at least) and in the latest Office365 version with SkyDrive/OneDrive integration, it can pretty much do anything Evernote can in the cloud and more. However (and very unfortunately), most everything in OneNote is also obviously designed to integrate solely with the MS Office suite and Windows products. Personally, I am trying to set up my application usage so that I am not coerced into adopting an entire ecosystem of products, and if Evernote added native Linux support, I would feel much more comfortable making it the primary destination for my digital life/files. Changing their product roadmap and supporting Linux would go a long way in reassuring people like myself that my data is truly my own and that they are serious about supporting my ability to access it on my own terms. I like Evernote as a service and enjoy using it, but there is a reason that people pay a premium for Dropbox storage (over Google Drive, OneDrive, iCloud, etc) - because it truly supports all major formats and operating systems indiscriminately. I think this is the route that Evernote needs to take in order to retain my premium subscription over the long term. I understand that not everyone has these same requirements, and they are quite happy dealing with Evernote exclusively in their Windows/OSX worlds. I do not expect Evernote to make a major shift in their policy due to a few scattered posts on these boards, but if Phil Libin is truly focused on building a 100 year startup and becoming the 'Nike for your mind,' the decision to not support Linux seems awfully short-sighted.
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