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  1. good to hear. fair enough. maybe the subject of this thread should instead read: Making an audio note is an unimpressive, slow, lackluster experience on the ios version of evernote. You have to open the app, then open a note, then scan the entire screen to find the damn button...
  2. yeah - the audio note function is what i primarily use and it's like finding 'where's waldo' whenever i open up the app to use it. as a 32 year old, that's unacceptable
  3. In short, i hate the design. It forces me to click too much (looking for the notebook I want to save something in) and it causes me to type too much (typing said notebook under the notebook search). Solution: Dragging and dropping is so much simpler, convenient, fun and requires less thought. What it'd look like: User can save four DEFAULT NOTEBOOKS at the top of the app - which are horizontally laid out notebook icons. Under that horizontal notebook line is your "+NOTE" button. Aside it is a "+Audio note" Since after all, making an audio note on my iphone is far preferred over typing.
  4. for those wanting to leave EN due to newly added features like work chat - check out Alternote http://lifehacker.com/alternote-is-a-minimal-note-taking-app-for-mac-with-eve-1684001621
  5. Downloaded 'Slack' yesterday, an app that went public this past February (2014) and already has a valuation of over a billion. See this for reference/context: http://www.cnbc.com/id/102138343#. Has anyone experimented with it? Would love to hear your thoughts. I've only been toying w/ Slack for a day or so, but here are my thoughts regarding when I think I'll use EN Work Chat vs. when I think I'll use Slack -- EN WORK CHAT -- Share notes from a call that happened. Share a written work (outline, synopsis, short story, etc). Share meeting notes. No desire to engage in small talk with coll
  6. @Martin Packer - I'll use Hello over the in-app business card scanner b/c I'm notorious for gathering biz cards & having no recollection of where I met the person and why I have their card. Hello provides context, thus giving me a solution to remember people.
  7. read this re: IQTELL https://getsatisfaction.com/iqtell/topics/my_iqtell_review_and_general_brain_dump lots of pros. lots of cons. it's not on apple's app store, which was a red flag to me, so i found this out. it DOES look cool.. not bashing it.. but something about it irks me.. maybe it seems like it's too much in its infant stage?
  8. I'm using a hybrid of post-its & Gneo. U shud definitely give Gneo a shot, it's good stuff
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