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  1. for those wanting to leave EN due to newly added features like work chat - check out Alternote http://lifehacker.com/alternote-is-a-minimal-note-taking-app-for-mac-with-eve-1684001621
  2. Downloaded 'Slack' yesterday, an app that went public this past February (2014) and already has a valuation of over a billion. See this for reference/context: http://www.cnbc.com/id/102138343#. Has anyone experimented with it? Would love to hear your thoughts. I've only been toying w/ Slack for a day or so, but here are my thoughts regarding when I think I'll use EN Work Chat vs. when I think I'll use Slack -- EN WORK CHAT -- Share notes from a call that happened. Share a written work (outline, synopsis, short story, etc). Share meeting notes. No desire to engage in small talk with coll
  3. @Martin Packer - I'll use Hello over the in-app business card scanner b/c I'm notorious for gathering biz cards & having no recollection of where I met the person and why I have their card. Hello provides context, thus giving me a solution to remember people.
  4. read this re: IQTELL https://getsatisfaction.com/iqtell/topics/my_iqtell_review_and_general_brain_dump lots of pros. lots of cons. it's not on apple's app store, which was a red flag to me, so i found this out. it DOES look cool.. not bashing it.. but something about it irks me.. maybe it seems like it's too much in its infant stage?
  5. I'm using a hybrid of post-its & Gneo. U shud definitely give Gneo a shot, it's good stuff
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