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  1. good to hear. fair enough. maybe the subject of this thread should instead read: Making an audio note is an unimpressive, slow, lackluster experience on the ios version of evernote. You have to open the app, then open a note, then scan the entire screen to find the damn button...
  2. yeah - the audio note function is what i primarily use and it's like finding 'where's waldo' whenever i open up the app to use it. as a 32 year old, that's unacceptable
  3. In short, i hate the design. It forces me to click too much (looking for the notebook I want to save something in) and it causes me to type too much (typing said notebook under the notebook search). Solution: Dragging and dropping is so much simpler, convenient, fun and requires less thought. What it'd look like: User can save four DEFAULT NOTEBOOKS at the top of the app - which are horizontally laid out notebook icons. Under that horizontal notebook line is your "+NOTE" button. Aside it is a "+Audio note" Since after all, making an audio note on my iphone is far preferred over typing. So, I simply click the +Audio Note button... record a 20 minute meeting. Then, after I click the 'stop record' button - it appears as an AUDIO NOTE ICON under the four default notebook icons on the main page - and I get to press and drag it into one of the default notebooks. That's the evernote app I dream of. That's the evernote app I lust for. The current ios UI is cumbersome and wishes it was TRON or something.
  4. While you're waiting for an employee to answer this properly, I can offer some insight. I get the beta test versions of scannable - and the latest i downloaded said it would soon be released to everyone via the app store - that said, i think you'll have your fix within the next three weeks
  5. Just got the beta of INBOX by gmail -- and IT. IS. AMAZING!!! I replaced Mailbox (iOS) with it. and replaced apple mail on my desktop with it. The video on youtube shows off the wrong features. Actually using the app for the PINNING (important emails) feature and for REMINDERS is a flawless experience and has kept me super organized. Anyhow, had to spread the news because downloaded it yesterday morning, and already obsessed w/ how much I like it here's a vid about the app
  6. for those wanting to leave EN due to newly added features like work chat - check out Alternote http://lifehacker.com/alternote-is-a-minimal-note-taking-app-for-mac-with-eve-1684001621
  7. Downloaded 'Slack' yesterday, an app that went public this past February (2014) and already has a valuation of over a billion. See this for reference/context: http://www.cnbc.com/id/102138343#. Has anyone experimented with it? Would love to hear your thoughts. I've only been toying w/ Slack for a day or so, but here are my thoughts regarding when I think I'll use EN Work Chat vs. when I think I'll use Slack -- EN WORK CHAT -- Share notes from a call that happened. Share a written work (outline, synopsis, short story, etc). Share meeting notes. No desire to engage in small talk with colleagues... only feel like it's there for me to 'share' a written work / notes " ". SLACK -- Discuss a project's next steps w/ team or colleague. Desire to engage in office gossip / small talk / sharing funny pictures, etc. More social-feeling than EN work-chat, which has more of a work or die feel. Conclusion: I don't feel like one app replaces the other, and I'll enjoy using both. Would love others' thoughts...
  8. Everyone votes for them to make their core app bug-free. sure they have lots of hands on that this very moment. but they ALSO have lots of hands innovating on new features to ensure they don't date themselves as an app
  9. Origin of idea: I was walking down the street earlier and was caught off guard by an unscheduled conference call. (A major flaw I have is memory, which is why Evernote is such a huge part of my life. That said, I was concerned I'd agree to doing something over the call, only to forget as soon as I hung up.) It was a moment of frustration, as I thought, "I depend on EN to be my memory but I won't be able to use the app in this moment b/c I'm on my cell and my laptop is at home. And the EN APP won't be easy to use while I'm on a call." Here's a solution: Evernote can create an EN PHONE app to optionally replace the current default PHONE app on iPhone. If you have no clue what I'm talking about here, this is an example app that replaces the default: https://www.humin.com/#/product User will set EN PHONE as their default dialer. Then, whenever someone calls them or whenever they call someone, they can record the call (or not). Now that the work call they are on is being recorded, the user can press a DIVIDER button (think presentation mode dividers but for an audio note) to separate one topic of conversation from another. This doesn't create multiple/separate audio files... it simply marks the timecode/spot/location in the saved audio file. A separate and also cool feature would be the user being able to PRESS and HOLD a separate button within the dialer app to allow the user to NOT record non-work related parts of the call (the beginning when everyone engages in small talk). Once your work call ends and you hang up, the audio file is saved to your Evernote and you can open the note and label the DIVIDER marks you placed during the call. Would anyone use this or not so much?
  10. +1 regarding this issue. Mine is on iOS for iPhone. just submitted a ticket for it... will report back once they offer a troubleshoot suggestion.
  11. What additional features aside from multiple users per scanner (if you have the scanner) and document auto-capture (not having to press the 'take a picture' button on the app) does this app have? Does it solve the problem of the scanner pairing multiple documents in one PDF file, or the numerous other scanner 'problems' I read about on the forums? Not antagonizing here, just trying to get some clarity as to whether or not it improves your scanner experience. I for one don't have multiple users ... but don't plan on purchasing the scanner until a few of the issues I read about are fixed from within the software. So ... does this app fix any of those issues?
  12. Yes, it's more tightly integrated within iOS now, which is important, but I'm excited to see Evernote's future is in terms of functionality. P-Libin's speeches are exciting and I can't wait to see the tangible execution. Evernote remembers everything... but I'm wondering if it will eventually also make users smarter. This would break the boundary of individualism and extend to a collective people ... so, I'd have a notebook within my evernote that EVERY USER would have access to. Others would know my favorite bands, philosophies, whatever I gave them access to. This sounds a bit 'Facebook stalking' on the surface, but there's something to it. Instead of a user trying to check a client's Facebook page & hoping the privacy settings will allow them to, Evernote will already know who you're meeting with and provide you intel from that individual's public notebook. I've digressed past the point of this post but can't contain my excitement for what's to come.
  13. @Martin Packer - I'll use Hello over the in-app business card scanner b/c I'm notorious for gathering biz cards & having no recollection of where I met the person and why I have their card. Hello provides context, thus giving me a solution to remember people.
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