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  1. Wonder why they called it Evernote and not Eversync, Everstore, Evershare, Evermind, etc? Even their website indicates the product is for notes among other things. "With Evernote, all of your notes, web clips, files and images are made available on every device and computer you use." I can use Dropbox, Box, SugarSync, and many other applications to "storing and retrieving information that can come from a wide variety of sources" - and I do. The issue that a large number of users have is the one aspect of Evernote (the part that you continually try to downplay to dismiss the issue of a poor text editor) is that the note taking aspect of Evernote is lacking. Evernote at it's core is a note taking software. It does not accept notes from just it's very poor editor but from many sources and in many formats. It syncs. It shares. But at it's core it is a place to collect information for future recall. The text I enter in the editor is one of the key methods of getting data into Evernote.
  2. Thank You!! Now what I love about Evernote - A centralized place to keep lots of notes and keep them more or less organized Available on multiple PC's and mobile devices Integration with great services like https://filethis.com/ - Really like this Evernote Web Clipper - used many times throughout the day.
  3. Scott I have no disdain for presentation mode. It just does not seem to have usefulness in a program that I and many users use for notes, note taking, note sync, etc. One big functionality area of Evernote is the editor. Can we at least agree on that? The current editor is limited in ability. Even the editor in this forum has more functionality. As far as list of specific elements - mine are no different than many other users who have ask for the same thing in many many other forum post. There is not a need to reiterate those just to be ignored again. And there has still not been a good argument as to why presentation mode is such a critical feature that I should be so happy for and forget my interest in a feature that allows me to put data into Evernote better. I do appreciate each of your responses. You see the concern I raise as not important to you and that is wonderful. To me and to many others that I have found when looking in the forums over the many years I have used Evernote it is a big issue.
  4. Perhaps one of you evangelist can explain the need and use for the presentation mode then. Why is it needed? How does it benefit the core function of note taking? Basically - take all of your arguments on why the existing editor is ok and replace that with presentation mode. I use Evernote to track notes. I do not use it for presentations. So I am trying to understand why you think presentation mode is such a benefit and a decent text editor is not. Why is it ok to have to use hacks, workarounds, and other programs to format text in a note package. I truly would like to understand your point of view. So far I am not getting it.
  5. Scott - the request has been made for many years from many users. Yet they keep releasing features like presentation mode that few if any have ask for. You obviously do not see the issue and that is fine. Obviously you do enjoy running interference for Evernote from other customers who have legitimate issues with the way Evernote has chose to prioritize features and enhancements. Good for you!
  6. Scott, the point of the post was not to solicit help for fellow users. I am hoping that my voice can be added to the hundreds of others who have ask for a decent editor and so far have not seen any significant changes. I am able to browse through the forums and gleen the tips and hacks. My point is the mixed priorities of Evernote and the features they are focusing on. You apparently seem to think that someone must have really needed presentations - and quite possibly more than a decent editor. That is fine. It truly does not take years to implement a decent editor. Evernote's inability to do so has indicated to the community that they do not see it as a priority. The point of my initial post was to question why a presentation mode - which adds no value to note taking was considered more important than developing a decent editor.
  7. Hi Scott, I appreciate your support of the efforts of the Evernote staff. My issue is that they have focused any attention to a feature that we do not need and not fixed a feature that we do need. I am not interested in posting specific needs so you can show me more workarounds and hacks. That does not solve the years old problem of a poor editor. One could argue that email for example is not a word processor yet even basic email programs have better text editors than Evernote. This logic carries over to many applications that are not word processors. The communities frustration lies in the fact that we need a truly rich editor for notes - which is the core function of Evernote. Instead of making progress fixing a feature that is essential to taking rich notes Evernote focuses on "nice to have" stuff that does not add value to note taking. What we are seeing yet again (like we did with the scanner design) is Evernote going off in a direction that does not provide benefits to the customer and they do not seem interested in a responsive resolution. I know eventually they will get it right. However, at the pace it is going Evernote will get it right after they finish stuff that does not really matter - like presentation mode.
  8. Hi Evernote, Please help me understand - we now have a presentation mode in Evernote but still have the crappy editor. Can you explain this? We have ask for years for a decent text editor in Evernote. Heck - even the one in this forum is better than what we have to deal with in Evernote. There are many rich text editor controls available on the market for developers to integrate into Evernote. Yet we have been told essentially that "Evernote's focus is not to be a text/word processor. It is a note collection/organizing & retrieval system that allows you to add text info to your notes." So if Evernote's focus is a note collecting and organization software then why do we need a presentation mode? I thought that was what Powerpoint was for!! While the presentation mode is nice it really does add value to our use of Evernote. Giving us the ability to fully format our notes - now that does give us real value in Evernote. There are pages of forum post discussing the lack of a decent editor and hacks to make the ***** we have work better. Yet what you hear is that we needed a presentation mode? Really? Could you please consider listening to your customers and adding a feature that we really could use and even need? A real text editor that allows us to do formatting of text faster, with more detail, and with a decent user interface.
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