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  1. Contented Joplin user here... reading through the past few months of comments in this thread was amusing. Casting FUD over using Google Drive and Dropbox was interesting... in light of Evernote's reliance on their own servers. Besides, even of Dropbox fell off the face of the Earth, your Notes would be secure locally. In my case, my local server is used to sync my devices to Joplin's Android app. I haven't touched Evernote for over 6 months. It's wonderful to control where your personal notes reside, and know that they are transportable to any markdown or hypertext software tool. I'm sure there's a place somewhere for Evernote, but it offers no benefit to me. Yes Joplin doesn't show inline PDFs, but that was little value to me as in Evernote their screen real estate was limited, and I had to launch the native PDF viewer to effectively read and search. Video clipping/embedding holds little value to me. A video link generally meets my needs, and where it doesn't, I download the video. IMO Evernote has grown old and stale, complacent in its first to market position. Good luck all.
  2. 1000 note import into Joplin is quite simple. Sometimes you just have to wade in. I made the switch 6 months ago, and have never looked back. Joplin just keeps getting better and its developer is quick to add capability. Best of all, I control my data... and it's in a portable form... not some propriety mismash. Just try it. You don't have to delete Evernote until you are comfortable with its replacement.
  3. Count me as another Joplin user. The current form is very nice and the web clipper is superb. And versioning is quite nice. I'm not a heavy user of the "to do" list, but have occasionally needed that. Yes, it does not clip videos, but I've never wanted that. I sync everything between 2 PCs, an Android tablet and an Android phone. Before I settled on Joplin I tried Keep (far tooo basic) Zoho Notebook (awkward and very limited features, and too chatty calling home) and QOwnNotes (too many manual tweaks, slow loading, and no workable sync app). I haven't touched Evernote in a year now, and have deleted 98% of my Evernote content. I'll probably kill the account soon. The device limit pushed me to the edge along with privacy limitations inherent within Evernote itself. I still use OneNote as its organizing features are unparalleled... but not so much for web-clipping (which is horrid).
  4. I have my account codes encrypted and backed up in "the cloud" should that happen. You could also use Bitwarden which stores your OTP account codes.
  5. Google Authenticator is not the only app that manages the 2FA codes. There are other compatible OTP apps that permit you to backup your account codes. Don't think that because the QR scan says Google Authenticator that you must only use Google. Fortunately too, as my main phone went belly up last week. But no worries.
  6. With every clip I'm presented with "related notes" although this is unchecked in Options and "Automatically close Clipper" is selected. What am I missing?
  7. Privacy aside, there is no comparable service that delivers the flexibility of Evernote. I use OneNote occasionally and was surprised to see that when you clip web selections it does so as a screenprint... no text, no graphic elements, uneditable... just a picture. OneNote wins on organizational capability, but for data collection and retrieval Evernote comes out on top for me. So then, I have to grapple with usability versus privacy (and that's not to say OneNote et.al. offers a better privacy). I'd be content with individual Notebook encryption where I manage the encryption key for the relatively few "sensitive" areas I manage, That should be easy to do, and while I'd give up web access/search for encrypted notebooks, I think that's acceptable if I can locally mount (decrypt) and search encrypted notebooks.
  8. The road to recovery is not simply a mea culpa. It requires a change of heart. EN can begin this process by implementing notebook encryption where the privacy keys are managed client side (not on EN servers). In addition, EN can fix the broken note encryption that is seemingly limited to text only. Another step would be to amend the privacy policy to ensure "necessary" read access to user content involves user notification beforehand.
  9. The start? No (where have you been). Just another nail in the coffin. Computerworld said this... http://www.computerworld.com/article/3150291/security/bye-privacy-evernote-will-let-its-employees-read-your-notes.html ... and directly infers that "opt-out" is incomplete for consumer accounts (versus business accounts). Quite troubling. And not to say the present privacy policy is acceptable. None of this is at all reassuring. Quoting from Evernote here and here ... I particularly like the part that says... If you choose to participate... No one here was offered a choice to participate ... that would be opt-in. As well ... the part which prefaces privacy intrusions with... "if we think" ... yes, and you can drive quite a large truck through that hole.
  10. And you believe that will be honored why? Is it even honored today? Or is that the reason we are seeing this "opt-in" feature activated as default across all accounts?
  11. @Evernote... What is most wrong about this "update" is that you made it "opt-out"... a characteristic of sleazeball organizations. Are you proud to wear that association? Had you simply offered this up as an opt-in feature, there would be far less controversy. As it is now, we have to question even the opt-out privacy policy which says in so much weaselease... What exactly constitutes "troubleshooting purposes, and would this ever be done without direct account hold consent before hand? Yes, the can of security worms is now open, floodlit, and under magnification... and it smells rotten and vile. Broken trust is not readily regained. Is that your going out of business strategy?
  12. +1 for extending encryption to a Notebook basis. As a minimum Notebook encryption... But don't stop there... client-side Full account encryption through the app. No problem if web access is useless. And speaking of client-side, enable the client to optionally search encrypted content using the local key (yes, I said "local"... I don't want to pass my key to your servers).
  13. Yes, and since Evernote failed to articulate exactly how my "experience" is improved by participating in this "privacy" feature, I have opted out. That said, the existing encryption feature is woefully inadequate. It must be done on a "note-by--note" basis. Instead, we should have capability for full notebook encryption, as well as whole account encryption... and with that the option, to locally search through encrypted content (we do own our own encryption keys... right?).
  14. Geeesh... is that all? And I've wasted time migrating to a Synology NAS Evernote clone. Oh well... going forward my "personal" notes will remain on my private cloud... for all else it is Evernote as normal, as long as I can log off other devices remotely. So I'll check that out... will logging onto my phone on the road give me the opportunity to log off my tablet at home? Yep. That seemed to have worked. So a bit of a nuisance, and I'll need to develop a mnemonic by which to better remember my convoluted password. And maybe I'll use the web interface more unless I'm into heavy editing. but not as bad as originally communicated.
  15. I think gazumped hit on the issue. Apparently, there is a limit in Evernote's API which manages the connection. I'm hopeful that this auto-resets periodically to let the exchange/download continue. Otherwise, I'll need to break down some notebooks into "bite size" pieces that the API can manage. The NAS itself is not viewed as a device. The NAS application is viewed as a connected "service". Unfortunately, I cannot import an ENEX file (or any other alternate export form), so I am stuck with the API. EDIT... Just to bring closure here... after several days of periodic connectivity, all notes transferred. While I'm not certain of the API limits, I averaged approximately 60 notes (no attachments) before the connection dropped. An hour later, it reset and another 60 notes came through. Tedious but doable. I'd dread to think how attachments might drag out. Maybe this will help another Synology Note Station user.
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