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  1. You can effectively save PDF files in the Files app. Before v10, I was able to use the split screen or slide over mode to drag n drop form the Files app to append a note in Evernote. I used to also drag n drop from other apps, for example, Scanner Pro, PDF Expert, etc.. Can’t wait for that feature to come back...
  2. I used to use drag n drop with the iPad with previous Evernote versions. Drag n drop is not available with v10. It is still possible to add PDFs to existing notes in v10 with both the iPhone and iPad. Within a note, please see screen captures.
  3. I am not sure this is ready for prime time for my use of a note taking app. Here is an answer I got from Notejoy support: From our web and desktop apps, you can click the paperclip icon in the styling bar to add a PDF file or word file. We don't currently allow you to attach PDF or word files from our mobile app. Here are the details of our our OCR capabilities, which are available in any of our paid plans: notejoy.com/help/search-inside-images-documents ...They say it’s on the roadmap but no timeframe. .
  4. I did create a test account on Notejoy, am able to import a photo but how can you add a file like a pdf to a note (iOS)? I might be missing something super obvious.
  5. Quick question: did you have the chance to try image OCR capability? Is it as efficient as in Evernote because this is a feature I am having a hard time to find in Evernote alternatives.
  6. I have experienced a app freeze when trying to add a pdf to a note (see screen capture)
  7. A iOS "Legacy" Evernote app should be considered until intermittent loss a new notes added and search problems are resolved.
  8. Premium User since 2008. Evernote is pretty fast on iPhone 12 PRO. Too bad there are all known bugs with v10. I guess I have to use Apple Notes for now and comme back in few months to check the updates..
  9. Search is still incredibly slow and app crashes when opening a note of search result. iPhone X iOS 14
  10. Using French, I just want to clarify that I only experience this problem in the « Notebook search field » but not within the « main search tab ». Within the « Main search tab », searching for « o », will bring « o » as well as « ô » and « ö » etc. See screen capture.
  11. I hear you @stu_ck. Been with Evernote since 2008 and Premium user since many, many years. Evernote’s OCR capability through images is very efficient and that is the main thing that is holding me to the service.
  12. Hi there, In the old Evernote version, within Notebook search, I could for example search for « o » and I would get the notebooks that contains « o » but also « ô », « ö », or any other accent on the letter and that was pretty helpful. In ENv10.0.3, if I search for « o », it will only bring back « o » and no other variant that is much less efficient. Is this a bug or is this a lost feature ? I am using Evernote in French. Screen captures attached.
  13. It did work at the end! My workflow is within iPad 90% of the time so this is a major drawback for me. Been a premium user since 2008, used EN both for my professional and personal life. Did think about changing for other note taking apps since EN 10. However EN OCR capability for images is quite hard to beat. So, I keep fingers crossed for bugs get fixed.
  14. Is it only me who isn’t able to drag and drop files in iPadOS in split screen view or slide over view ? Would be nice to get this basic iPad feature back!
  15. I had the Mac Beta. Worked quite well for my needs. Really surprised with all iOS bugs. I use more iOS versions than Mac.
  16. Hi there. In the note edit mode, when clicking on a PDF to get the option to get the share sheet, the share sheet is hidden by the keyboard. Please see screen captures.
  17. I may have missed that but no drag and drop files in iPadOS between other apps and Evernote?
  18. Hi! It would be nice that when you’re in a search and hit the magnifier icon, it would navigate back to previous screen. Let’s say you have searched “test”. If you hit the mag icon, it would bring you back to the search field. It would be a little bit like when you hit the notebook icon. Cheers!
  19. The problem resolved a few weeks ago but it happened again today. Same thing as PinkElephant but without heavy syncing. iOS 12 iPad Pro 12.9 2nd gen.
  20. I had the same problem on both iPhone X and iPad Pro 2nd gen for the past few weeks but resolved within the last few days without any intervention on both devices.
  21. Hi all, same problem here as exposed by PinkElephant on iPad Pro 12’ 2nd gen and iPhone X.
  22. It is practically the same thing. I like to use this app because my iCloud temp folder was messy and I forgot to delete the files I had attached to the new note, etc. I see this app as a dedicated “temp” app. If you are well organized, I think there is no benefit.
  23. I would like to see the same feature implemented. In the meantime, I use Yoink app. Cheers!
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