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  1. I'm hoping you can help. I've tried the "User Forum" without success. Lately, I've had to login every time I use the web clipper. Is this something new? How can I avoid this nuisance? Any help is appreciated. bobzani

  2. @LesicaireI see that your notebook renaming issue has been looked at by one of our technical support team members. If I can help facilitate in any way, please let me know.
  3. @jcampbellGreat suggestion for Evernote Business! I'm moving this over to the feedback forum so that other users can vote up this as a feature request.
  4. @MiguelDAs @gazumped mentioned, please do post a ticket # here, or let me know if you need me to create one for you. Thanks!
  5. Hi @kabela. At this time this is a known issue with the Windows application, and our development team is working on a fix. So that I can get a ticket created for you and get a copy of your log and other information, I'm going to convert this thread into a support ticket. I'll follow up with you shortly. Thanks!
  6. @janesymtecHere's a comparison of Premium vs Business that might also help. With any subscription including Basic, you can move notes between shared notebooks as long as you have edit permissions to those notebooks. With Evernote business, everyone in the business will have the ability to create, use, and modify tags inside a business notebook as long as they have edit permissions to the notebook. An admin will be the only ones who can fully delete tags from the business account. It's possible to have both you and your boss as admins on the business account. Hope that helps!
  7. @WeCanLearnAnything Thanks for the video. I've converted this into a ticket so that we can get a copy of your note and investigate this issue further.
  8. Hi All, Thanks for all your posts. Our development team is aware of this issue and we should have a fix out soon. This appears to be affecting Chrome, Safari and Opera. For now, we recommend using any other browser or the desktop app. I'll post updates as we learn more. Thanks!
  9. At this time moving notes between personal and business notebooks is only available on the desktop and mobile versions of Evernote. I've moved this over to Product Feedback so that you can vote on this for future versions of Evernote Web.
  10. @f14991291@gmail.com Please see the article below for reactivating Business accounts: How to deactivate and reactivate an Evernote Business account If you run into any trouble let me know.
  11. @SpeedieThe unused months on the user's Premium subscription will be sent via an email in the form of a Premium code. That code will serve to activate the remaining Premium time on a second account or can be used to apply Premium towards their account if they ever choose to stop using the business subscription in the future. While the user's account is joined to the Business (whether Premium or Basic before), they get access to all Premium and Business features. Hope that helps!
  12. @WeCanLearnAnythingYes, a video link reproducing this would be very helpful. I'll try to recreate the steps on my end as well.
  13. @WeCanLearnAnything I'm not able to reproduce the issue with the undo function. Can you send me your OS and Evernote version?
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