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  1. I'm hoping you can help. I've tried the "User Forum" without success. Lately, I've had to login every time I use the web clipper. Is this something new? How can I avoid this nuisance? Any help is appreciated. bobzani

  2. @LesicaireI see that your notebook renaming issue has been looked at by one of our technical support team members. If I can help facilitate in any way, please let me know.
  3. @MiguelDAs @gazumped mentioned, please do post a ticket # here, or let me know if you need me to create one for you. Thanks!
  4. Hi @kabela. At this time this is a known issue with the Windows application, and our development team is working on a fix. So that I can get a ticket created for you and get a copy of your log and other information, I'm going to convert this thread into a support ticket. I'll follow up with you shortly. Thanks!
  5. @WeCanLearnAnything Thanks for the video. I've converted this into a ticket so that we can get a copy of your note and investigate this issue further.
  6. Hi All, Thanks for all your posts. Our development team is aware of this issue and we should have a fix out soon. This appears to be affecting Chrome, Safari and Opera. For now, we recommend using any other browser or the desktop app. I'll post updates as we learn more. Thanks!
  7. At this time moving notes between personal and business notebooks is only available on the desktop and mobile versions of Evernote. I've moved this over to Product Feedback so that you can vote on this for future versions of Evernote Web.
  8. @WeCanLearnAnythingYes, a video link reproducing this would be very helpful. I'll try to recreate the steps on my end as well.
  9. @WeCanLearnAnything I'm not able to reproduce the issue with the undo function. Can you send me your OS and Evernote version?
  10. @dstoThanks for this feedback, I'll be sure to share this back with our web team.
  11. @dsto We're aware of this issue. We don't have an ETA for the fix at this time, but stay tuned to the forums and blogs, and continue updating Evernote and your Clipper as new versions are released. Also just FYI you may be encountering the support page loop if you are a Basic user.
  12. @reecewebb This is the current design. If you are a part of a business account then you won't be able to switch back to the old style, unfortunately. If you'd like to see this added back, I encourage you to submit a feature request in the Mac product feedback forum.
  13. @wsarradet Hi there! A few other things you might want to take a look at: * Can you please check to make sure you're not affected by this? See the section under 'What should I do if I'm affected?' for settings to check for. Evernote uses IE to sync through the back end regardless of your default browser. * If you're on a corporate network, your IT department may have blocked the site and you might want to get in contact with them to resolve it. * Do you have anti virus software installed? If so, please make sure Evernote is whitelisted. If reinstalling and the above suggestions do not help please let me know, but hopefully it's one of those.
  14. @reecewebb Only personal (non Business) accounts can switch the notebook view back to the old format at this time. To switch back and forth between the two views in a personal account, follow these steps: 1. Go to Evernote > Preferences > Software update 2. Check the box 'Enable new notebook view for personal accounts' 3. Click X to save your change and restart the app Thanks for your feedback regarding this change. We always welcome feedback and suggestions, and while I can't make any guarantees that this will be implemented for business accounts, I can definitely pass this along to our development team as a feature request!
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