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  1. Can you give me a real world example. Example: Notebook name: "A. Active" My search: notebook:A. Active saddle brook Yield no results. Thats really too much typing where setting a filter by clicking would still be faster than the syntax. However, selecting the folder and searching would be the fastest and most useful for how I use Evernote. Or go back to Legacy that works the best in many regards. But I am trying to move forward.
  2. Most of my searches are in a folder that I know. When I search all, I get too much history since I am usually searching on a property name.
  3. I already have a ton of Tags. That the purpose of organizing my notes into notebooks.
  4. Legacy version, I select folder and enter search info in the search bar. Automatically filters to just that folder. Current Ver, I have to select notebook, Type search phrase, Select Filter, Enter on search phrase. 4 steps vs 2 steps. Allow when a notebook is selected, to auto filter to that notebook on search request like Legacy does. It I want to search on all notes, I can select "Notes" and search.
  5. If they are going to auto convert check boxes to check list, then why even give the option to create check boxes in the first place. I agree that I prefer Check Boxes and hate the check list. I do not want my items stiken out. I have been a hold back using the Legacy version until just a few weeks ago due to other thinks that EN had "broken" for me. There are so many thinks I would like changed, but for the 6 years I have been using EN, I do not expect to get the functionality I would like and have to constantly looks for workarounds.
  6. It would be great is one of the filters could be a reminder date that is selected for a note: ie: Filter on Today, Filter on Tomorrow, Filter on This week, Filter on specific date. I live by reminder dates and the version 10 is not as functional for me as the Legacy version has been for many years now.. My ideal solution would be working in a Notebook, Sorted by Title and being able to filter notes only with todays date or tomorrows date.
  7. Evernote (308626) Public (CE Build ce-62.3.7750) keeps locking up and I have to kill all Windows processes for Evernote to be able to re-open it. This happens several times a day. The previous had its own problems forcing me to go back to I guess I have to revert again until Evernote gets their act together.
  8. Thanks for the suggestion. I had not seen that feature, but have turned in on for my Priority notes. It would be nice if the color bar showed up in the Reminder view as well. Hint hint Evernote...
  9. How do I add an emoji on Windows? I use tags as well, but looking for something the bring attention on the reminder view. Yea, I just type the date/timestamp when I need to generate a ticket #. Haven't found an easier way yet. Thanks for the feedback.
  10. I depend greatly on the Reminder view being open. I would like to be able to add color similar to what Googe Keep does for the Reminder view. I dont need it in the actual note. This would enable me to highlight entries that are urgent - red, less critical - green, blue, etc.., Informational - no color. Currently my workaround is to add symbols in the first characters of the title. ie: *** This is a critical note, / Close this case after updating notes. Symbols are not searchable so I cannot look for the *** in the title and sometime miss them in visual searches. Also a optional setting to set a color on reminders that are past due if a color is not already set. My 2nd request is I use EN for ticket tracking. And in many cases I would like to quickly create a unique ticket # in a note. So the feature to insert a unique serial / date code / record # or some other form of searchable unique identifier would be great. Currently, I add a template: And then have to manually enter a date code such as 201905161041 which is YYYYMMDDHHMM as my unique code. There has to be a faster way. Thanks, Roger
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