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  1. The key was Evernote remembered whether reminders were visible or not from the last time you were in a notebook. It seems in Evernote 6 they saved that as a preference somewhere in the app. My workflow has been single click for a long time. The Android/Web clients are still single-click (they remember if reminders were open). I just checked both, they still follow the Evernote 6 model of remembering whether the user had made reminders visible. If you don't believe me, I can find an old Evernote 6 for Mac installer and create a movie to demonstrate. Or you can try the Android/Web client yourself.
  2. It might be a feature request, and it's kind of saying "Hey Evernote! Your newest feature just made my workflow harder. Help!" The issue is this: the latest Evernote defaults to showing the notes tab every time (see screenshots). But I have an actions/todo notebook I ALWAYS want to show reminders for. This means I must click twice to show reminders (1. go to notebook; 2. go to reminders tab). Sure it's an extra click, and it won't kill me. And I understand why Evernote re-organized it, and honestly it looks better. But is there anyone else struggling with the extra click step introduced by the latest update?
  3. I can understand why Evernote split the Notes and Reminder views into two tabs. However I have a ToDo notebook that consists of 100% reminders. The Reminders view is always what I select in that notebook without exception. I also have a few tags that are always reminders without exception. Can you add an option to default it to Reminders tab? Even if it's a hidden view preference or option so it doesn't bother other users.
  4. Android on my phone does have a nearly identical reminders view with checkboxes and drag/drop sorting that's on the desktops. The reminders sorting mechanism is a bit different too. All the non-iOS apps have a common sorting order that the user can re-order how they want. The sort order is preserved when you switch between Mac / Windows and Android or the web app, which means your Todo list stays in the same order you chose when you switch back and forth. The attached picture is from Android. The reminders view also shows due dates if set.
  5. The iPad version of Evernote is sorely missing my favorite feature that is in every other Evernote client. A dedicated to-do list view of reminders, with checkboxes and drag/drop sorting. To be fair Evernote iOS does have this view under the reminder clock popup after you click edit, but it vanishes from the screen if you tap on anything. You must tap the reminder clock and then tap edit each time to use it. This is the view I use most often: checkboxes with sorting capability. All 4 of the other Evernote clients (Windows, Mac, Android, and Web) have this view as a dedicated feature. I primarily use Evernote as a to-do list and hop back and forth between operating systems (Mac and iPad at home, Windows at work, and an Android phone). Having to tap two buttons every time I want to check off the next item in my to-do list is a pain. Can this be a feature request, to bring iOS Evernote up to the same level as the rest of the Evernote suite? All the others work beautifully.
  6. I am having a different tag issue with 6.0.6 on Mac that has not been discussed yet. When I do any of the following: Go to a notebook and filter for a tag.Go to All Notes and filter for a tag.Click on the tag in the shortcut sidebar.Use "tag:mytag" in the Search paneGo to a Saved Search that uses that tag.I am getting several notes that do not have that tag on them. And several that should have that tag do not appear. I have tried tagging the notes in both single editing and bulk editing. Same effect. My edits from several hours ago have still not refreshed. I was thinking the issue was the tags were not getting saved to the notes. But when I sync, I can see my changes update on my Android phone. The issue seems to be caching of tag data in the Mac client. I have signed out and back in to no avail. I'm tempted to force a re-download of my entire Evernote archive, but it will take several hours. Not fun. Please help!
  7. If it doesn't add significantly to the appeal of the software to new users, why would Evernote spend resources on changing it? Mac has supported multiple main Evernote Windows for a while now. One of my favorite features. Command-Option-N is the shortcut. Now if they would only give us wiki capabilities (follow link to create new note), that would be AWESOME.
  8. Select the files in Finder. Right-click them, a context menu should appear. Select "Add to Evernote". Evernote will create 1 note per file, automatically titled.
  9. +1 This feature would be very valuable for comparing the contents of multiple notebooks.
  10. I've read on their tech blogs that each user's data is isolated from everyone else's, individually indexed, and their shards can run different search indexers than neighboring users on the same server. This article gives a good glimpse into their search indexing architecture. http://blog.evernote.com/tech/2013/08/27/how-to-upgrade-50m-user-indexes/ From a technical standpoint they definitely could offer the abiliity for each user to tweak their Lucene settings to allow certain special characters. I can see 3 obvious reasons why they haven't done this: Users would expect the experience to seemlessly sync to all their devices. And each device would require time to re-index its offline data. if some users accidentally changed the settings incorrectly it might make their data virtually unsearchable until corrected. That's a tech support headache. Every feature has a global rollout. That means this capability would require an application update to every platform they maintain (desktops, mobile, web).
  11. This feature has been on my top 10 wishlist for almost a year. Other wishes would be linking to tags, notebooks and saved searches. What we really need is a keyboard shortcut for wiki linking to a new note. What I've found so far is this workflow for the Windows client. It is not ideal, but it gets the job done. Highlight the word or phrase you want to wiki link. Press Window-A to create a new note from the highlighted text. Note: Depending on how your Clipper options are set, Evernote may or may not switch focus to the new note. Copy the note link from the new note. This forces a client sync which can be slow at times. Note: There is no official shortcut for this. However pressing (Alt+N) followed by (Alt+L) will work regardless of where your cursor is. And you don't have to let go of the Alt key for this trick. I remember to combo as Note Link Switch back to the previous note where you want the link to appear. Note: There are forward and backward navigation buttons in the menu bar. I haven't found a shortcut key for this yet. Highlight the text where the link should go. Paste the note link. Note: Be careful. If the highlighted selection is long, it might be trimmed to a shorter length.
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