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  1. In Print Note. when I checkmark the option to Print the Header, the print out includes My Location - which is my personal address notebook date created date updated I do not want my address to show up on every note I print. The notebook name is also of no interest to the person I am giving the note to. there should be options to configure what is included in the Header when printing. I should also be able to adjust values such as My Location.
  2. I have only been using evernote for a few weeks, but I have a premium account. Yesterday I tried to use evernote offline because I had no wifi connection, and I ran into the same problem as documented in this thread, i.e., I could not even login into evernote. I chatted with evernote support, and they told me "When you sign in to the application, do you have a check box to keep you signed in to the account? You need to have that check box always checked so when ever you start the application, it will remain open." I have now checkmarked that box below the login info, and I will see if that works the next time I go offline. But as a former user interface designer, I would say that this is very poor design. Because there are many ways to secure your computer nowadays, so it is superfluous to also password protect an application unless the user really wants it. But don't require that extra security by default, and give a user a way to turn it off and on. These are basic UI design guidelines.
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