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  1. I am on v 10.1.7 build 1902 public Editor: v109.0.14125 print command is not on the File menu; you have to go to upper 3 dots to drop down a menu that has Print function printing a note splits a line of text across 2 pages, right through the middle of the characters Evernote eliminated 4 lines that were 1/3 up the page. I.e., it is not just cutting off the last line (see next image; the 4 lines that were eliminated are in red font) If you search for a note and then print it to a PDF, the file name is “Search Results - Ev
  2. Today I opened evernote and searched for someone's name. All the documents in the search results were blank. I clicked on various notes in the list, but nothing! I panicked, thinking that my evernote database had been wiped out. I then quit evernote and reopened it. Fortunately, now all the documents are visible. I am on MacOS Catalina 10.15.7 v 10.1.7 build 1902 public Editor: v109.0.14125 Service: v1.20.26 © 2019 - 2020 Evernote Corporation. All rights reserved on a sidenote, where are we supposed to report bugs? Do we do it here in this forum, as I am starting t
  3. Thanks, this workaround was successful for me. I moved the note from my default notebook to another notebook on my Mac, and then I was able to move the note to the Trash. I confirmed that the note also deleted from my phone.
  4. I suffered this problem this morning. I created a note on my iPad and tried to insert an image from my photos. The app had a little spinning icon for a long time, so I gave up. I backspaced over the spinning icon. But then I found I could not delete the note from either my ipad or my mac.
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