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  1. With the EN WebApp v10.1.1 + Safari Browser the SEARCH-window is hidden ! This happens when you "close" the navigation bar far to the left, so you'll see only the icons (e.g. Favorites, all Notes, Nootebooks ... etc.). If you now click the SEARCH-field it will open "hidden" ... means behind the 'detail view/selctional view' (see also the screenshot).
  2. missed so many short cuts in the new version 😡 because that's the reason why I use the local macOS version - to be faster with short cuts EVERYWHERE - pretty stupid that the functionality does not even reflect the old version !
  3. Hey Guys, another solution is to rename the PDF with the "NEW EDITOR" on the EVERNOTE-Web-App 👌
  4. Hi Bluesy, good Idea but does not work either on my side - I using PDF-Expert on my MacBook. It does not effect, neither PDF-Expert is open or closed when renaming. still :-(
  5. I've done this for that issue for several times for the last 1,5 years (and get several support tickets!) ... all of them are still "open" and nothing changed from developers side :-( :-( ;-( sorry, it worked well some time ago...
  6. workaround ... is not really a way for me, because I'm handling a lot of file every day and mostly on the Mac-platform (Catalina). I can't understand this issue is known since late 2017 and still a problem in Early 2020 - come on guys !! Any explanations from EN-developer ?? also another discussion on the forum about the same issue:
  7. yes, I agree James! I talked a lot to EN-Support ... and the fix is "on hold" for several month now - they're working on a new release for the web and other platforms first and after that, they look at it again ... so we have to be patient ...
  8. Hi, I've the same problem in "renaming" PDF files as described above for several month! Yes, and I've a ticket from support team, but nothing happens within the last 6+ months in terms of a fix. This works properly perfect a year ago without any of the described "features" above. I also use a GERMAN version of EN on my Mac ... is nobody else having this problem?? Thx for reply Wieland
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