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  1. Make sure you’re pressing the shift key. Option-Cmd-{ is really Option-Cmd-Shift-[
  2. Click on Notebooks in the sidebar The Notebooks UI is loaded in the main window Find a shared notebook Control-click on it The context menu comes up Select 'Manage Sharing…' A sheet is displayed listing everyone the notebook is shared with and their permissionsWhich of these steps is not occurring for you?
  3. Evernote doesn’t have its own spellchecker. It just uses the MacOS spellchecker. Do you see the same error in TextEdit?
  4. In our experience this only happens when you control-click, and not when you right-click (or two finger tap on a trackpad). Can you confirm? Assuming you’re seeing the same issue, this has already been fixed but the fix did not make it in to the beta. Thanks for the feedback.
  5. As was pointed out in the thread GM linked to above, no information is given or sold to any third parties.
  6. This is my exact issue - it seems to only be with URLs. I have narrowed my issue down to having a "?" in the URL. Thank you! We were not able to reproduce this until now. The issue does not appear on Yosemite, and only appears when the url contains a ? and a &. The issue has been filed internally and our developers are investigating. As a workaround you can paste into TextEdit (for example) and then copy and paste into Evernote
  7. If I understand correctly, you are editing a note and want to jump to the next note in the note list and then add a tag to that note. Here’s how you’d do that with the keyboard: 1. Press Cmd-| (That’s cmd-shift-\) to move to the note list. 2. Press the down arrow to move to the next note 3. Press Cmd-' to move to the note’s tags field 4. Type the new tag Does that help?
  8. As JMichael mentioned above, it’s very simple to remove the reminder from a note: Click the alarm clock and then click the 'Clear Reminder' button. You can also remove completed reminders from the list by clicking the gear icon and unchecking 'Show Recently Completed Reminders'.
  9. Yes, this is the email you get the first time you receive a message from someone. If you click the button you'll have the option to see the message in the web client or desktop client. Click the notebook in the chat and it should be added to your account.
  10. The first of these is a pipe (same key as \ on a US keyboard) The second is a letter i
  11. Have your student open the notebook (by clicking on it in the chat window). Once they do, it should be added to their notebooks. Does that work?
  12. No, your code is not correct. Like I said, selection is a list, so in the following code you’re setting selectedNote to a list of notes and then asking that list of notes for its tags. That won’t work. A note has tags. A list of notes does not have tags.
  13. This works already. Drag a saved search into your shortcuts, then you can click on it whenever you like.
  14. selection is a list if you know there’s only going to be 1 note selected, you can just look at item 1, otherwise you can loop through it.
  15. I think the problem is you’re trying to drag notebooks in the sidebar, while we’re trying to tell you that you need to click on the word 'Notebooks' and then drag notebooks in the main window.
  16. Did you follow step 1 from the article Metrodon linked to?
  17. https://blog.evernote.com/blog/2014/06/03/evernotes-three-laws-data-protection-update/
  18. You’re right. Your script won’t run in any language except English. I’ve raised the issue with our developers to figure out whether this is an issue with Evernote or with Applescript.
  19. https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/60390-applescript-to-set-modification-date-to-created-date/?p=281289 In your case you’ll want to set the reminder time rather than the modification date, but the concept is the same; You’ll need to pick one item of the selection, or loop through each item.
  20. The issue was originally reported in late October 2013. We put in a fix in February 2014 which we believed fixed the problem. All the feedback we received from users confirmed our belief. It wasn’t until November 2014 that we started seeing new reports of this issue. We don’t have a fix for this yet, but we are actively looking for a solution.
  21. Right, but your original script already did that. I’m just trying to figure out what the goal of your changes was.
  22. We are aware of this issue. While you are waiting for a fix, there are a few workarounds that make it go away: try changing the arrangement of your displays and/or which display has the menu bar. As far as we can tell it seems to happen more frequently when displays are arranged one above the other, and less when they are side by side.
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