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  1. I have just wasted more than ten minutes waiting to see whether a very important note sent by email gets added to the right notebook and still nothing! Eliminating the sync button was a major mistake and not reacting promptly to the request to bring it back is another one. If I lose trust in Evernote I move to a different product!
  2. This is a response to Adjusting. Sorry but I stopped following this issue because I don't really want to waste any more time. I am attaching a picture here. Adjusting, I hope that what I mean is clearer, now. The title is not wrapped to be shown in full on two lines.
  3. Bye the way, I have just noticed that a long title is not completely visible in top list view, either. So, this is not a solution...
  4. If it is not hard to accomplish it just makes sense... The fact that the body of a note is fully visible in side list view while the title is not simply does not make a lot of sense. I would be curious to know what the intent was, given that the response I got from Evernote Help has been that this was 'by design' (whose design I am not sure: divine design? Shareholders' design? Developers' design? ... ) Anyway, enough time invested on this issue on my part. If this can be changed, it is an improvement. If it cannot be changed just because it is what it is ... oh well...
  5. Yes. That works, thank you, but, for many reasons, I prefer the side list view. I don't see why the title should not be treated as the body of a note, that gets automatically justified...
  6. In side list view, if the title of a note is longer than what can be shown on a single line, in the right-side window pane, instead of automatically showing on two lines, it is only partially visible. This is annoying. Any suggestions? Thanks AC
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