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  1. I’m sorry you’ve been inconvenienced by this. Like you said, we originally had bigger and smaller use Cmd-Shift-> and Cmd-Shift-<. Unfortunately that made this functionality completely unusable for some keyboard layouts which had < and > on the same key. We changed it to Cmd-Shift-. and Cmd-Shift-, so that on English keyboards the shortcuts are still the same, while they are now usable on more keyboards. I hope this makes sense and I apologize again for the inconvenience.
  2. Today we’re releasing Evernote for Mac 6.6 Beta 3. Fixes - The note switcher (⌘J) has been updated to be more responsive and to provide more accurate results - Various bug and stability fixes Known issues - Autocompletion of tags in the note editor is not working. A fix for this issue will be available in the final release. Thanks for testing the Mac 6.6 Beta 3 release and please report issues you find in this forum thread. You can download the beta here or update from within the app.
  3. Maybe not that obvious. Go to the Software Update pane of Preferences and make sure that “Update to beta versions when available” is checked.
  4. If you don’t type anything, it just shows you the most recent notes and notebooks you’ve accessed. The real power of it comes when you type part of the name of the note or notebook want to open. It’s possible that this will be more useful for people who have large numbers of notebooks; That’s exactly the type of feedback we’re looking for.
  5. Today we’re releasing Evernote for Mac 6.6 Beta 2. The primary reason for this release is to introduce a new navigation/search feature we're working on which lets you quickly switch between notes and notebooks. It replaces the notebook selector and can be accessed with “⌘J”. Give it a try! Thanks for testing the Mac 6.6 Beta 2 release and please report issues you find in this forum thread. You can download the beta here or update from within the app.
  6. Please note that this is a Beta feature which is only available on the direct download version and only after it is explicitly turned on (Preferences -> Software Update -> Enable zoom).
  7. There are a few known issues which are exclusive to El Capitan, but they’re all quite minor: Opening a PDF in preview requires the eye icon to be clicked twice. Note History appears behind Note Info in full screen mode. The descender in a lower case g can be hidden in certain text fields (e.g. in the notebook pulldown)
  8. Today we’re releasing Evernote for Mac 6.6 Beta 1. Changes: Updated audio recording user interface. The audio recording ui has a new cleaner look which also fixes some layout issues which were present in languages other than English. Left side navigation area now visually preserves your selections. When you select a tag or a notebook in the sidebar, that item will become highlighted. Contextual menu item for the note tags area. This allows tags to be copied and pasted more easily. New menu items to duplicate a note. The 'Duplicate Note' menu item has been added to the Note menu and the note list context menu. Fixes: Checkboxes should now be visible when you print a note. We've continued to make changes which should improve sync and stability. Known issues: Switching accounts can cause Evernote to present a dialog reporting an internal database error and then exit. This is especially likely if one or both of the accounts has not been fully down-synched. The dialog is a little misleading as the app exits before any database error can occur. Playback of audio recordings on Mavericks (10.9.*) can cause a crash. We already have a fix for this issue and it should be resolved in the next beta release. Thanks for testing the Mac 6.6 Beta 1 release and please report issues you find in this forum thread. You can download the beta here or update from within the app.
  9. Safari, Chrome and Firefox use Cmd-+ and Cmd-- for Zoom In and Zoom Out just like we do. Terminal, Messages and Slack say that they do Bigger and Smaller, but the shortcuts apply to all text in the app and so are functionally equivalent to our Zoom In and Zoom Out. Xcode doesn’t seem to have any shortcuts bound to Cmd-+ and Cmd--. I understand any change can be disruptive, but please be assured that this is not a change we made lightly or without much discussion. Given the lack of a clear standard, we felt it was more important to follow the de facto text editing standards of Word and Google Docs (Cmd-> and Cmd-< for Bigger and Smaller)
  10. System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Text -> Use smart quotes and dashes
  11. ​That’s a pipe (|) and not an i. On a US keyboard you need to type Cmd-Shift-\.
  12. Select the text you want read (or CMD-A to select the entire note) then select the Start Speaking menu item. Edit->Speech->Start Speaking The same functionality is available from the context menu on a text selection.
  13. https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/88677-evernote-for-mac-62-beta-1-released/?p=378998
  14. This bug was fixed way back in 6.0.6. Somehow it has been reintroduced since then. We’re looking into it. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.
  15. Here’s how to do this now: - Cmd-J A popup list of your notebooks appears. - Start typing 'Inbox' The list filters down as you type - Press return to select your notebook - Cmd-shift-J A list of all the tags used in your Inbox notebook appears - Type the tag you want - Press return Now only the notes in Inbox with the tag you specified are open.
  16. You can rearrange the position of the buttons and remove any buttons you like (not just New Chat).
  17. This is a bug. You should be able to paste any text into the editor.
  18. Thanks. I had tried copying from TextEdit, but it turns out the document I had open was rich text, so it worked fine. As soon as I converted it to plain text I was able to reproduce.
  19. I just tried copying your example and pasting into Evernote and it worked fine. What application are you copying from?
  20. I'm sorry to hear you're having problems. I can't seem to reproduce the issue. Could you please give me the following information: - Computer model - Monitor - Version of MacOS - Resolution Thanks.
  21. This issue has been fixed since 5.6 which was released in September of 2014.
  22. This was a bug in Yosemite. Apple seems to have fixed the bug in 10.10.3. Please update your OS and let us know if this is still an issue.
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