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  1. After upgrading to EN 7.8 for mac my notes that contain embedded links to other notes no longer work. I used to be able to click on the link and the note would open. Now nothing happens. If I look at the link that I currently have it looks something like the following. evernote:///view/123145/s22/local/x-coredata://1BABDD2D-XXX-XXX-XXXX-4EC3AD252DED/ENNote/p7718/ If I find the note that that link refers to today and copy the note link it looks something like evernote:///view/12345/s22/xxxxxe18-11d3-xxxx-xxxx-6b041142b13f/xxxxxe18-11d3-xxxx-xxxx-6b997742b13f/ This means that all the embedded links I have to notes that are in local notebooks are broken. How can I fix this? Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.
  2. Thank you Adjusting. That helps. I didn't realize that feature was there.
  3. I only had a HTML backup of my notes. This is a problem due to inability to import and missing encrypted text. All I did was delete the App Store version form the Applications folder. Then downloaded and installed the version on their web site. Thank goodness I didn't mess with the actual data that the App Store version used. The actual "data" was still in place because the downloaded version used a completely different storage location so it left my original data in place (including my "local" notes). I used Time Machine to restore the App Store version to the Applications folder and I was then able to see my local notes in Evernote again. I then immediately Exported to ENEX just in case.
  4. If by "private" notes, you mean local/non-sync'd notebooks, then of course, since they are not sync'd to the EN servers, rebuilding from the EN servers will not restore those notebooks. You would need to have a current backup of your local/Mac database. Yes I meant local/non-sync'd notes. I had incorrectly assumed that the App Store version and the download version would be using the same "local" data... I was wrong! Why they chose to do it that way is a mystery.
  5. I apologize for not updating the status on this topic. Yes by private I meant Local Notes. I only had HTML backups but they were useless since you can't import AND all of my encrypted data was gone. Yes I found out very quickly that the problem was due to the fact that the version in the App Store stores it's data in a different location from the download version. Why they do that is beyond me but they did it. I immediately deleted the downloaded app, pulled up time machine and restored the App Store version, then I exported all my notes to ENEX just in case.
  6. Hi gaz, I used the "encrypted:" search and I'll see if I can get it to work in AppleScript. Is the Attributes feature available in the Mac version?
  7. Hello gaz, I tried both versions. It appears to be related to shared notebooks.
  8. Hi, gaz. I searched the knowledge base first and didn't find anything. Where is your post? What was the answer? Thank you in advance for your constructive feedback. If you don't have anything useful to add, please don't.
  9. OSX 10.9.5 Evernote 6 I recently came across several sync issues and the error messages simply provided the titles of the notes with sync errors. Unfortunately, searching for those notes didn't work because they were, you guessed it, in the Trash Notebook. It would be nice if there was an option to search the Trash Notebook as well as all other notebooks in situations where it is needed. After all the notes are still in Evernote and I see no reason not to search them as well. Users amy find deleted notes with valuable information and they restore the notes as needed. Another solution could be to always search the Trash Notebook and simply use a style (like a red border, a "Deleted" watermark, etc) to indicate that this note is currently in the Trash Notebook. Had this feature been in place I would have saved a few hours this week. Time is money and I just lost about $300 because: a) the error message didn't indicate notes were deleted and I was unable to search the Trash Notebook. After speaking with a few colleagues, they didn't even know there was a Trash Notebook I hope this will help someone.
  10. The above link provides suggestions that unfortunately didn't work in my case. The problem has to due with sync errors on notes that are in the TRASH folder! Unfortunately, the error messages don't specify that the notes in question are in the trash and since they are in the trash you can't do a search. It should be nice if the search features also looked in the trash or at least have an option to search the trash if the notes are there anyway. When displaying the results there are plenty of ways to style notes that are in the trash so the user clearly knows they've been trashed already. Once the notes were located by sorting the trash by title I was able to resolve the problem.
  11. Mac 10.9.5 Evernote (online) I've noticed recently that when online Evernote sometimes has empty or missing shortcuts (see attached image). What is going on Evernote? The online version is supposed to be the most "stable". How do I fix this issue? Thank you in advance for your constructive comments. Online version: App Version UPDATE: This issue may be related to "joined notebooks". The shortcut in question is actually a notebook that I joined. Why wouldn't I be able to see joined notebooks as a shortcut online when I can see it in the app? If there is a good reason why I can't do that then why leave it empty online. Similar link here https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/37990-shortcut-not-showing-in-home-screen/
  12. Mac 10.9.5 Evernote 6 I keep getting errors when trying to sync with the latest and greatest version of Evernote. Two of the issues I get are: The content is invalid.It has too many resources. The problem is that the notes that are referenced don't exist so how can I correct this issue? All sync solutions that I have encountered won't work if the note can't be found either on my Mac or online. Thank you in advance for your constructive responses.
  13. Mac 10.9.5 Evernote 6 I have thousands of notes many of which contain encrypted text. I use the same password for all my encrypted text. Is there a way to temporarily decrypt all of the text BEFORE exporting to HTML? Thank you for your time and consideration.
  14. Mac 10.9.5 Evernote 6 I have thousands of notes, many with encrypted text. The problem is that when I export them to HTML all I see in place of the encrypted text is this: [Encrypted in Evernote] That is useless to me. Why isn't encrypted text saved in HTML just like they are in Evernote? It's just javascript after all right? Javascript can be placed within an HTML file right? I use the same password for all my encrypted text. Is there a way to decrypt all of the text BEFORE exporting to HTML? Thank you for your time and consideration.
  15. I upgraded to the latest version 6 of Evernote via the App Store. All of a sudden I've had so many issues I can't tell you how upset and disappointed I am with Evernote. Especially since they have not responded to a single support request. I wasn't able to view my notes so I did what others did to resolve the issue. I deleted the Evernote app and then installed from the Evernote web site. The good news is that I am able to now view my notes like before. The bad news is that my private notes are gone. All 3000+ of them. I sincerely hope there is a fix for this.
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