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  1. Hi, Do you have more information about how to run such a script within Evernote? I have no experience with that. Thanks!
  2. Hello, I have over thousands of notes. Each note starts with a date and then the Title, like " 20180323 Title". This I have to insert manually. There is a shortcut option SHIFT-CMD-D, however the date format that I need is not in there! Can you please add the date format YYYYMMDD to the date options? Can you also create an option where a note title can start automatically with the date field YYYYMMDD? This really makes Evernote much more efficient. The impact on other user's functionality is nearly zero. So that should not hold you back on this one! Best,
  3. Me too! In general I want to have a simple shortcut in Evernote as well, by which I can fill in the date as the start of a TITLE of my note. The format should be YYYYMMDD. This way notes can be easily sorted afterwards. Now I do this manually (I did this already thousands of time!). Evernote is always very slow in picking up these kind of simple request that greatly enhance efficiency.
  4. It has been several years since I first requested this functionality. I still need this function nearly daily, since I mostly use Evernote for storage of my scans. It is disappointing that Evernote seems to be so inactive to the improvement of Evernote's functionality.
  5. Thanks, I can't get it to work, sorry. Does anyone know what might cause this error? Regs, Dirk
  6. Of course... It says: error "Evernote had an error: filename of attachment can not be set at \"20150409.pdf\"." number -10006 from filename of attachment Where 20150409 in this case is the filename. But also "20150409 Hersenspinsels" as a filename did not work. Yes I removed the comment signs and now the command SET is recognized by the applescript editor. Do you have an idea what might cause this? Does the script work on your computer? Thanks, Dirk
  7. Dear Explorer, Thanks for your reply! It seems to work but when I execute the script I receive the following error (in Dutch): error "Evernote kreeg een fout: filename of attachment kan niet worden ingesteld op \"20150409.pdf\"." number -10006 from filename of attachment So at the end there is a bug. The filename that it wants to change into is: "20150409 Hersenspinsels". But also a shorter name (of 6 characters) does not work. Do you know what might cause the error in the script? Thanks in advance! Dirk
  8. I am not familiair with such scripts, But how would such a script look like? Can you write one? Regs
  9. I fully agree with this request. Please include an automated feature that renames the attachment to the title of the specific journal entry. Manual renaming is so user unfriendly. Especially when using a scanner like Scansnap with lots of scanned notes. Please include this requested feature. It is not that difficult to program and means much for user friendliness!
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