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  1. I can confirm that this bug is fixed in EN 6.23, although it is not mentioned in the release notes.
  2. Switching to Card View is working fine for me also, since I don't care about the view of the notes below while working with the reminder list above. And you can use keyboard shortcuts to switch the views, so I don't think reverting to an earlier version because of this is really necessary. Regardless, I'm glad to hear that EN is aware that this is a bug, and they plan to fix it.
  3. I also ran into this today - New Year note cleaning up. It absolutely is disruptive and annoying as hell.
  4. Yes but with this we both are rather old school. I have my notes structured in a lot of thematically ordered notebook stacks / notebooks, so I do find my notes if I remember in which notebook they should be. And I have a tight tag structure, so I do find them through this also. But it is a nuisance. The kids from today, they just throw everything on a big heap and let Google Evernote do the search for them. Since computers have become quite good at searching this is a rather efficient method. Until somebody decides to break the search feature for good of course.
  5. Yes of course, this is the solution. You just have to allow to install apks from third party sites, where at this point Google urges you very strongly to reconsider, cause this is very often a very bad idea. And after this your have to switch off auto-updates for every app on your phone, which will also include not installing security relevant fixes, cause EN is not able to get its act together. Yes, that sounds about the right thing to do. For me the most incomprehensible thing with this bug BTW is for me not the bug itself - bugs can happen. It is not even that they did not revert to an
  6. I have to agree too. They broke the search in a note keeping app and just don't seem to care that one of the most important features of such an app is now unusable.
  7. I think this may be releated to the "search not working anymore" since the last update, which is also not working for me anymore. I can select every other option for the list view of the widget (last shown, recently, notebook, reminder... sorry if not all options are correct, I use the german version of Evernote), and they all show a list of notes in the widget as they should. But if I select the "saved search" option, then none of my saved searches show up, I only get the very unhelpful message "list can not be shown, maybe there is a problem with your WLAN". Yes, surely. I didn't
  8. I think a LTS version would be a major pro-argument for using EN in the business market, not the other way round...
  9. I don't think that it is that easy: I believe minor releases are really only for fixing of severe bugs. For instance, the "special characters do not display correctly in the title" bug is still in all subsequent releases of 6.15 (up to now), but it should be fixed in 6.16. Which makes sense - all code changes, regardless of bug fixing or introducing new features, can also bring new bugs. So a GA will only get a new (sub-)release if the bug is severe, everything else is fixed in the next release. So the next major release really is more bug-free. But of cause the next major release is
  10. Just tested it with 6.15.4 - still broken. At least with my example (Capital Sharp ß: ẞ)
  11. Small bug in the new templates feature (and of course I've stumbled over it with the first note ) Notes can only be saved as template, when the note is already synced, or else this menu item is greyed out. But if you have the auto-populate note with active tags option turned on AND you select a different notebook with this new note, then the "is it synced already" check does not work, you can click on "save as template" which leads to this rather strange very empty "save template" window: Frankly I think it would be a better solution, if there is no sync check, cause it leads to
  12. Templates seem to be turned on again this morning (local time: UTC +2). At least when I start a new note, there is a new "templates" button on top of the note.
  13. German Umlauts like Ä, Ö, Ü and lowercase ß are working fine, but the special new Capital sharp s: ẞ which (from Wikipedia) "was introduced as part of the Latin Extended Additional block in Unicode version 5.1 in 2008 (U+1E9E ẞ Latin capital letter sharp s)" does not render correctly in the title. In the snippet view on the left side it displays as it should - titel and text:
  14. No, this was the first version I did try after remaining at 6.7 for ages. This was the version after the bad sync bug, and the one that you brave beta testers told me was the first relative stable since 6.7. I am now at 6.14, and since the "cursor is anywhere" bug is resolved with this version, I will stay with it (which really drove me crazy in 6.13).
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