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Stopping auto-convert of numbers to links

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There is a feature in the mobile version only, which has driven me crazy. If I enter a date in the "dd.mm.yyyy" format and follow it with a blank it autoconverts the date to a link. 

I had a workaround in which i put the date on one line and the blank + following text on the next and then backspace the blank to the date on the line above.

In another completely unrelated comment I found out that there are options for the editing. And playing with this it seems that EN wants to convert it into a clickable phone number. Why a dd.mm.yyyy formatted date looks even remotely like a phone number is beyond me, but deactivating this option did the trick for me.

It is in Options - Notes - Advanced Editing (or something like that, I use the german version).

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It's just possible that not everybody in the world lives in your locaility.

I was sarcastic.

So it turns out that this could actually be a useful feature. But although EN is an international product shipped in various languages, this feature ist implemented in a way that not only works in just one locality and not in the rest of the world. It furthermore breaks functionality in other localities. Doesn't seem like a smart move.

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Since we are in the Android forum I tried to reproduce this on my Androids - and sadly can still reproduce this. I have been preventing this from happening since the beginning of EN10 for Android through the setting @PinkElephantsuggested above. It is the option "Telephone", deactivate it for peace of mind. Raised a ticket on this long time ago. Sad to see, that this was never addressed. I thinkg the idea of auto-convert to a phone number is good. But it has to be implemented correctly for all users they sell their product to. For me the EN10-app has still has a debt of the former US centric development to overcome. For example: Look at the calendar implementation. Still giving you 12 hour-am/pm clock values on web app and desktop app for windows no matter if your region and OS runs the 24h-clock (another one I ticketed a while ago).

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